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Guyline is an innovative gay and party chat line that gives callers an exciting gay experience. This is a very special chat line because it allows users to filter their search results so they find the perfect guy every time. Other chat lines group all of the guys together, but Guyline realized there was a special desire to meet the perfect guy, so they decided to offer filters to help callers navigate the many, amazing guys calling in every day. Using the filters, callers can choose their preferences in age, height, location, or complexion. After filtering your preferences (or don’t if you want to maximize the number of potential connections) you can start searching for matches. Upon finding an interesting match, the caller has two options. The first option is for the caller to request a live connection with his match. If you receive a live connection request, you can press 1 on the keypad to accept. If you want to leave a private message, you can press 2. Private messages are sent to the person’s mailbox and can be checked at any time. If the receiver enjoys your message and wants to chat, he can call you back with the push of a button and even mark you as his favorite member.

Guyline knows what callers are interested in and wants to provide them with the best chatlines available. They have advertisements encouraging users to call between 8p.m. and 4 a.m. for the most chatline fun – these are the magic hours! According to the website, Guyline hosts more guys than any other chat line during any hour of the day or night. Go ahead and call to double check their claims – see just how many hot singles are online tonight. Call the number listed here to get all the information you need to get started chatting with guys tonight. Free trials are offered for a full hour, which is plenty of time to make some connections.

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