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Livelinks chat offers a unique alternative to those exhausted by traditional forms of dating, including now ubiqutous online dating platforms. If you’re looking to meet new people in a new way, LiveLinks is the best bet to get your foot into phone dating. Let’s face it – our lives today have become busier and busier. To meet people in real life, in a restaurant, a bar, or a club, can be tricky. LiveLinks allows the opportunity for immediate and real chatting over the phone. The voice-based interaction creates a genuine atmosphere from the outset. Instead of sending one message after another and continually scrolling through profiles, Livelinks gives you the opportunity to begin the conversation quickly. As the largest chatline in North America, LiveLinks has a long history of providing meaningful phone connections between singles all across North America.

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Who Should Use Livelinks

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Livelinks is a great chatline for people who are single and want to meet other singles. If you are seeking new friendships, a lifelong partner or just a casual fling, Livelinks is the right site for you. It takes the exhaustion out of online dating and offers you immediate and real time interaction.

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How It Works

  • With Livelinks you start talking straight away. You do not have to go through those often endless days or weeks or swiping and swiping but never having a proper conversation. Livelinks gets you chatting immediately.
  • Have a look at the site. It is easy to navigate, simple and user friendly. Livelinks is free for women to use. Men have the option of a free trial and to then become a member, either using the web or the phone.
  • There are no paid operators or ‘middle men’. You make the decisions about who you would like to talk to, and when. You can chat immediately, which is a lot more fun and much more real, than constant texting. You get to hear a real voice!

It is a really simple process. Go online and check out the site and have a test run by using the free trial. Once you are convinced, complete your membership form. Women are free. Men can join online or via the phone and there are a number of payment options. All of them are verified, safe and secure.

  1. Call a phone number.
  2. Record your greeting.
  3. Listen to other people’s greeting.
  4. Hook up with anyone you choose to.
  5. Get chatting.

Use the notes and tips.

Livelinks gives excellent advice on how to set up your site. They encourage you to be yourself in your greeting. Be bold, fun and maybe even vivacious too. Be clear, and do not have any background noise. Your greeting is your first impression, and your first introduction to others and so you want it to be fabulous.

Then, make the first move. Or wait. Either way, you are going to meet lots of new people. Keep it light, fun and real. It is up to you to get what you want out of the site. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back.

livelinks phone chat

Key Facts

Conversation is the key word with Livelinks. It is so important in this day and age where we spend so much time online, to be able to genuinely chat too. Phone chats let you be yourself much easier than a text message. Chatting to someone, whether it be a conversation about sport, restaurants, work, family or perhaps something steamy, is fabulous. And why not be flirtatious too.

Our top ten Livelink facts:

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. No charge for women
  3. Men become members
  4. Discreet
  5. Private
  6. Easy to use in any city
  7. Free trials
  8. Easy hook ups
  9. Genuine singles
  10. Real, fun conversations

You get chat tips daily, which work for both men and women. The tips may be how to leave a sensual message, what not to do, how to turn someone on, or how to leave the perfect message. You can learn a lot about dating from these tips.

Phone dating is a fun experience. Flirting is fun. Hearing somebody’s voice and flirting at the same time is fabulous. And the possibility of love, even better. You may just find your lifelong partner.
We all want interaction these days; we’re a bit tired of hiding behind our phones, short bios and profiles that may or may not be real. We’re tired of typing. Chat instead.

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The Verdict

Livelinks is an uncomplicated site and very easy to navigate. You can use it safely from anywhere, including all over North America. It allows you to meet people in many states and is a perfect dating tool for travel. We loved that there are no online profiles and so your chat is safe, private and secure.

Hearing someone’s voice is alluring. Chatting is intense. The idea of immediacy and ‘real’ is a very big turn on. No time is wasted with continuous swiping and scrolling, just in case there is something better out there. And the choice is enormous with so many people, so many singles, on Livelinks.
Women are often anxious about dating sites. The beauty of Livelinks is that women can join for free, but can upgrade their membership for the added perks. Women control who they talk to, and when. They can create ‘hot lists’ and save the guys they really like to the list. They are not open to harassment like so many other sites. We found the women on the site to be confident, strong and very self assured and cool enough to voice what they are looking for.

Men on the site seem genuine too, looking for genuine interaction. Confidence came across strongly. Men knowing what they want in a woman and go after it a genuine, kind and confident manner. Men on livelinks are interesting and have something to say for themselves.

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