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You may be looking for a long term relationship or just someone to chat with. If your goal is to meet someone, chat lines are a fantastic option. This chat line directory will help you find the right one to call. We've done the research so you don't have to.

Phone Chatlines in Smartphone

A Unique Dating Experience

Dating chat lines are an alternative way to meet people. Phone dating forces you to use the power of your voice to convey who you are. Thousands of singles form strong relationships each day through chat lines. There are quite a few to choose from. Each has its plusses and minuses. One benefit of nearly all chat lines is they are free for women and offer free trials for first time male callers that typically last between 30 and 60 minutes. We hope this website helps you find who you're looking for. We;c Welcome__title

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Why Call a Chat Line?

  • Meet New People
  • Get Feedback
  • Discover New Things
  • Talk to Fascinating People
  • Learn About Yourself
  • Practice Flirting
  • Engage in Mystery
  • Develop Your Personality
  • Get To Know Someone
  • Challenge Dating Notions
  • Try Something New
  • Avoid Dating Pitfalls
  • Skip Out On the Bar
  • Maintain Privacy
  • Maximize Comfort
Chatlines to Call

How Chat Lines Work

Chat lines connect single callers to each other over the phone. Similar to how speed dating works in real life, callers to chat lines can interact with each other and only connect if mutual attraction exists.

Select a Chat Line

With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right number to call. Use this website to choose one that suits your particular style. Dial the number and try for free.

Record a Greeting

Greetings are the cornerstone of chat lines. Record a short, sweet greeting. Say your name and a few of your likes and dislikes and what you're looking for in a person.

Scroll Through Greetings

Check out the greetings of other callers on the line. With most of the larger chat lines, there are plenty to go through.

Request to Chat

Find someone interesting? Great! Send them a request to chat.

Wait for a Reply

You have to wait until the other person accepts before you're able to talk live.

Chat Live on the Phone

You're ready to go. Now you're on the phone and talking with someone. Who know where it may lead?

Get to Know Them

Most chat line services allow you to "save" a caller to a list so that you can continue talking with them.

Meet The Person

If all goes well and the two of you consent, meet in person and take things to the next level.

We award the Top Chat Line each year to the best phone chat line service.

Best Chat Line 2019

We evaluate based on the following criteria:

  • Call quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Call duration
  • Number of repeat callers
  • Free trial length
  • Demographic breakdown
  • Technological advancement
  • Average call length
  • Matches made