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Hearing someones voice beats typing and reading long, drawn out (and often misleading) profiles any day!

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How Phone Chat Works – The 9 Steps

  1. FIND A NUMBER: There are a bunch of great services to call, all geared towards a different type of person and a different type of conversation. You can start by checking out our lists for singles, black, naughtylatin and gay specific lines.
  2. MAKE A PROFILE: Once you call in you’ll be prompted to make a voice profile, where you tell a bit about yourself and what kind of person you are looking for.
  3. FIND SOMEONE YOU LIKE: Then you can browse through other people’s profiles and find someone that interests you.
  4. SEND A MESSAGE: Once you found someone interesting, send them a message to get the conversation going.
  5. WAIT FOR A RESPONSE: If the other person likes what they hear, they will send you a message back.
  6. LIVE CHAT: At this point it’s time to move the conversation live, and connect through the service for a real conversation.
  7. NOW YOU’RE DATING: This is where the fun begins. Instead of sending messages online like other dating services, you connect directly via phone calls.
  8. SEE WHAT DEVELOPS: At this point, take your time and see what comes of your new found romance.
  9. TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: If both of you are still interested, maybe it is time to meet in person and form a true and lasting romance.

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“After years of trying out every dating site out there, chat lines have proven to be a really intimate and unique way for me to meet new people. I’ve tried them all. While LiveLinks is my type of place, the others are great too.”

Jennifer L.

“Wow. It’s quite a change to meet men via voice rather than having to put up pictures of me and my dogs for them to swipe through. I guess I just like getting home and picking up the phone rather than staring at a screen for another 8 hours.”

Augustine L.

“It was different at first calling chatlines looking for a date. For me, the 60 minute free trials made the whole thing a win-win. It’s incredible how many fascinating people there are out there once you pick up the phone.”

Steven M.

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