Are You Catching Feels For Your Chat Line Cutie? Here’s How You’ll Know!

By Brad Jeffries on February 26th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

If you’ve been in the chat line game for some time now, there’s a chance you may have found a someone special or several special someones! It’s easy to do on a chat line. And, in a space where so many people are looking for love or intimacy, it’s easy to get all caught up in your own head about how you actually feel. How do you know if you are really catching feelings for your chat line honey, or if you are just happy to be chatting with anyone? Well, here are some tell-tale signs that you are catching those feelings hard for the guy or gal you’ve been chatting with on that chat line! It’ll help you figure out if he/she is the one


When you talk to your chat line honey on the phone, you feel high or buzzed

Some people call this ‘getting butterflies’ and it’s a fluttery feeling that feels pretty far from sober. It happens when you are speaking with, speaking about, or thinking about your chat line honey. It’s really the first sign of feelings, sort of the way a sneeze is the first sign of a cold! But, rather than a cold, this butterfly feeling only gets better and better! If you aren’t sure if what you are feeling is actually high or those butterflies in your stomach, give it some time. This is a feeling that is pretty physical and tends to strengthen over time. If it’s there, that feeling will grow and grow.


You’re dying to get physical

Dating on a chat line is awesome but it has one downside: you aren’t physically there in person for the first couple of dates! It’s actually both a pro and a con of chat line dating. But, if you are speaking to someone you might have feelings for, there’s a huge chance that you can’t wait to be with that person in-person. And, you can’t wait to get intimate. It’s literally what separates friends from lovers. Maybe you’ve even tried to have some erotic chat with your partner already! Are you dying to touch your chat line cutie?


That person’s name is always in your mouth

During the beginning stages of catching feelings, you’re going to find yourself talking about this person to your friends and family. It signifies a desire to merge your worlds of very important people. And, it shows that you are anxious to make it serious with the person you’ve been chatting with! So, if you are annoying everyone by talking about your guy or gal, don’t worry. It’s a good thing!


The future is on your mind 

When you know, you know. Planning your future with someone is a big deal and not something that just happens with people you don’t have massively strong feelings for. If you find yourself mindlessly planning for the future with this potential lover, you know you’ve caught some serious feels!


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