What To Ask Yourself If You Aren’t Sure She’s The One

By Brad Jeffries on January 7th, 2020 in Dating

So, you’ve been talking to a woman on a chat line for a while now. The two of you get along, share laughs, and make each other smile. As your phone dating relationship gets more serious, you might find yourself wondering if this is the girl you want to spend your life with… your real life with. You know, the one beyond the phone? This is a complex thing to figure out and can even be overwhelming. But, the idea can easily be broken down into digestible parts. Ask yourself these 5 questions to find out if that chat line cutie is the one for you…


Do you feel like yourself when you talk with her over the phone?

Dating ladies on a chat line is great for shy guys because it allows them to date without the social anxiety that in-person dating often leads to. Even if you aren’t a shy guy, you may be more comfortable on the phone dating this woman than in person, because you can alter your personality here and there. But, if this woman is the one, as in the forever one, you’ll want to make sure you can totally be yourself. For example, when you chat one the phone is the flow of conversation manageable, fun, and comfortable? If you find yourself straining to come up with answers to her questions and often feel not at ease, think deeply about whether you can break through that phase with her or if you’d be happy with those feelings for the rest of your life.

Do you lose track of time when you talk to her?

People who are in love could talk to each other for hours and hours. They are constantly wondering when they’ll be in touch next and are happy for every single phone call. When they do talk for hours, it’s common for them to lose track of time due to the bliss they feel. Does this sound like you? If so, this is a huge indication that this girl is a special person in your life.

If you haven’t met her in person, are you excited to?

Meeting someone for the first time after a phone dating relationship would be nerve-wracking for anyone. Ask yourself if you’re feeling nervous excitement or full-fledged anxiety. These two can be easy to confuse. Nervous excitement, as opposed to anxiety, is a light feeling. It’s the butterflies and rarely carries an element of dread.

Have you checked out her socials? If yes, is it what you expected?

Looks may not matter to you, but if they do, are you attracted to your chat line honey? If looks don’t matter (honestly, they shouldn’t when it comes to the one), has your chat line lady been honest with you about her life at least? Do you notice red flags on her social media? If you do, ask her about all of it before committing to a relationship.


Would she get along with your friends and family?

In other words, does she fit seamlessly into your life? Would she get along with your parents, friends, or whoever you consider to be family? This is going to be paramount when deciding whether or not you want to have a future with this woman. This isn’t just specific to phone dating relationships, but all of them.


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