Drinking Games and Chat Lines: Let’s Get Silly

By Brad Jeffries on June 18th, 2021 in Dating

Having serious conversations is a part of getting to know someone, but just as important is getting to know their silly side….if they have one, that is. You need to be able to do more than sit down and have hard conversations with your partner. You need to be able to do more than share your embarrassing and somewhat scarring childhood stories. You need to be able to do more than vent about your crappy boss and your friends who weren’t there for you when you needed them. We know, this sounds weird. Usually, people are saying that you NEED to have more of those conversations.

We find that with a phone separating us from the other person, it becomes exponentially easier to talk about the hard stuff. Just like with online bullying, people get to hide behind their keyboards. If you aren’t face-to-face and they don’t know exactly who you are, it’s easy to get away with venting about everything you don’t want to vent about to the people who know you the most because….well…you care more about their opinions since you hold them to such a high standard. Anyway, the point we are getting at is that dating should also be fun! If you can’t have fun with your partner on the daily, then what is the friggin point?! So why not mix it up and have a chat line drinking game date. You are sure to get loose and silly and maybe reveal a little bit too much about yourself. Hopefully, your partner does the exact same thing! It’s time to get personal and have a ton of fun while doing it!



First off, let’s say that these games you two lovebirds will be playing will have to be based on trust since you can’t see the other person’s face and can’t cess out whether or not they are lying. You might as well be honest though because you want to actually become closer with each and every chat line experience you have with your boo. Time is precious and you can’t live your entire life with that phone pressed up to your ear – you have an actual life outside of your house! Take this time you have together to really open up…we are sure that the alcohol will help with that!


Two Truths And A Lie

This game never works when you play it with your BFFs, but since you and your boo are still getting to know one another, now is the time to really have some fun with this game. Not only is it telling, but you will also begin to notice little inflections that happen with your S.O.’s voice that might be a dead giveaway when they aren’t telling you the truth. If the person guesses your lie correctly, you have to drink. If they guess incorrectly, they do. Be careful with this one. You can get very drunk very quickly, especially if you’re playing it with someone who you just connected with via chat line.


Never Have I Ever

This is another middle school classic that carries over into adulthood quite well. You can make these as revealing and outlandish or as tame as you want to! We suggest really going for it. You are on a chat line for hot singles after all. The more you go for it, the more your partner may reveal. They might just have quite the crazy past. If you have done the thing they have never done, then you have to drink. If they have done something that you have never done, they have to drink. It’s as simple as that. Next thing you know you’re on the living room floor with your phone somewhere under the couch and you’re screaming out your honey’s name as tears run down that face of yours and then …..upchuck. Nah. We’re just kidding. Please drink responsibly and have fun. This date might just get a little bit messy.


And, if you don’t like these games, there are plenty of other games for you to try out! Chat lines should be fun, breezy, and a good time. Use these games as icebreakers on your next phone date.