How Dating Chat Lines Make You Better At Your Job

By Brad Jeffries on December 8th, 2022 in Chat Lines

Let’s be honest. When we want to flirt on a chat line it is normally for one reason, and one reason only: we want to have some sexy phone fun. But beyond the sensual talk and the firting, chat lines can actually make you better at your job. Although it might sound a little bit strange at first, when you spend time on a chat line you are practicing skills you need in the workplace, such as communication and reading a person. Not to mention, chat lines can help you relieve stress! There are many ways that chat lines can make you better in the boardroom (as well as the bedroom of course!)


Create Confidence

Phone dates often make you feel nervous. But since you definitely have to communicate well since you are on the phone and can’t fall back on the physical, this will make you more confident. You will have to think of questions, and make sure you include the person in your conversation. You will also need to think of answers on the spot, which will help you build confidence in other parts of your life.


Teach You To Talk

Whether you are on a singles dating line or in your place of employment, you need to know what you are talking about, and you need to cater your conversation to the situation at hand. Talking on a chat line will help teach you how to do this. You need to play off whatever the other person is talking about, and make your voice heard. On a chat line, you need to ask for what you want to be able to get it. This will translate into your work life as you go about your daily grind.


Relieve Your Stress

When you are having sexy conversations on a chat line, that is a great way to get your endorphins flowing. And with endorphins comes stress relief. Having a place to blow off steam on a chat line will make you more relaxed when it comes to work. This will make you more creative and confident when it comes to your work projects.


Help You Ask for What You Want

When you enjoy time on a chat line, you spend a lot of time asking for what you want. This will translate into the working world, and you will be more likely to ask for what you need in the workplace. When you are steering yourself in the direction of what you want in a chat line partner, you are building the confidence to ask for what you want in the working world as well.

Although at first, it might seem that chat lines are just for fun, they can actually teach you valuable skills that you need in the real world. By building your confidence, and assisting you with your communication skills, and relieving your stress, chat lines can help set you up for success.