Flirting in Person Vs. Flirting on a Chat Line

By Brad Jeffries on March 31st, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

We all know what flirting looks like, right? Flirting is all in the body language. There’s a bunch of touching (often unnecessarily), perhaps some leaning in, and lots of smiling. But, what does flirting sound like? For the longest time, we’ve learned, often by our own volition, how to flirt in person. Hell – we started doing it on the playground as kids! But, dating has changed. In today’s times, especially now more than ever, dating is something done primarily over the phone. Chat line dating happens to be a breed of phone dating that works the best. So, we need to take what we have learned and apply it to phone dating so that we can accurately get flirting across. There are some pretty basic rules when it comes to flirting in person, and we’ve taken those and given them analogous flirting techniques to apply over the phone!


Smiling – Giggling

How does one make a smile audible? Laughing/giggling! Giggling is a great way to show someone on a phone that they are making you smile. And, even more than smiling, laughter is contagious! Even over the phone. When you giggle with someone at their pick up lines or story, it shows that you are on the same page, that they are making you feel happy, and that you’d like to make them happy. It’s also very sexy to some people and strengthens your flirty bond.


Lots of touching/leaning in – Asking questions

Leaning in and touching implies that you want more of someone. On the phone, this translates into asking questions because it’s a way to learn more about someone! It encourages a person to open up more, share more, and ultimately spend more time with you. These are all the ‘end goals’ of touching and leaning into someone in person.


Eye Contact – Agreeing/Reacting

In person, when someone flirts with a lot of eye contact with another person, it shows that they are engaged, listening, and seeking a deeper connection. Eyes are the windows to the soul, which is why it’s a shame we can’t see them while we are using a chat line to flirt! However, you’ll be able to show that you’re listening by either agreeing with someone or making audible ‘Mhmm’ or ‘Oh Wow’ reaction noises. The person on the other end of the chat line can’t see you (obviously), so you’ll need to show them that you haven’t put the phone down and that you are actually listening.


Mirroring – Relating

When people are on a date, one sure way to find out if they like each other is to watch for mirroring. Mirroring is when your body language mirrors your partners as a sign of interest. Now, it is possible to somewhat mirror someone over the phone, but it comes in the form of relating. It’s done by listening to someone speak, and then relating a story from your own life. This is mental mirroring and it shows that you and your partner have things in common!


Batting your eyes – “You sound really sexy”

Eye batting is a sign of sexual chemistry. It shows that someone needs an extra minute to gather their thoughts around another person because the chemistry is so strong. And, when done correctly, it lets your partner know that you think he/she is sexy. It’s an awesome compliment, which is why on a chat line, you’re going to want to come right out and tell the person that you think they are sexy!


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