How To Get Over A Chat Line Lover

By Brad Jeffries on November 17th, 2019 in Chat Lines

Getting over someone you’ve once loved can be especially difficult. It’s near impossible to erase the joy, the feelings, and the shared moments from your memory bank. However, moving on is not impossible. Relationships don’t always last forever, and though you may feel alone in your misery at the moment, you should know that millions of people are in your spot, and even more people have been there and have pushed forward to more successful relationships. Chat line relationships are like any relationships, except that they started over the phone. Often, couples meet in person and solidify the relationship, making the breakup very difficult. But, if you’ve broken up with your chat line lover before you’ve had a chance to meet in person, that lack of exploration can feel like a lack of closure as well. We’re here to help you through that. Check out some of our tips on how to get over your chat line love


Delete their number

The first thing you’re going to want to do is erase your ex’s phone number. During this time of vulnerability, it can be far too easy to reach out when you know you shouldn’t. Even worse, it’s a time when drunk texting or calling begins to seem like a viable way to win your chat line lover back. For most relationships, this is seen as a flimsy act of desperation. For chat line relationships, that desperation is even deeper because the relationship was built on the phone. Erase your ex’s number before you have the chance to show this kind of desperation. Not only will you save yourself from future embarrassment, but you’ll also be able to sleep at night knowing that there is no way to fuel your temptations and that you have managed to maintain your pride during this tough time. 


Focus on you

It sound cliche, but it’s actually really important. During this time between your ex and your new relationship, take a moment to rediscover yourself. Often during toxic relationships, people abandon the things that make them who they are for the sake of the relationship. Ask yourself if you’ve done the same, and then reclaim those amazing parts of yourself! You can also use this time to dedicate efforts to self-care, or you can pick up a new hobby. 


Chill with family and friends

While your ex may have fallen out of love, you need to remember that there are still people in your life who care about you. Spend time with those people because they want you to feel better! These tough times are truly what good friends and family are for. Lean on them for support for a little while. They will be great at helping you come back to yourself and provide some relief from feeling sad over your ex. 


Get back in the chat line game

Once you feel ready, you should get back on the dating scene. Chat lines are a great place to do this post-breakup because they allow you to date from the comfort of your own home. You may feel the nerves at first, but once you’re back in the swing of things, you’ll find that there are plenty of fish in the sea who would feel lucky to have you!


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