How To Give A Man Space on a Chat Line

By Brad Jeffries on February 6th, 2023 in Chat Lines

Anytime you think a relationship has been going well and suddenly the other person wants space, this tends to seem like a terrible downgrade. But there are many reasons why people might be asking for more space. So what should you do if someone you have been enjoying for a while on a chat line suddenly wants to cool things off? Don’t give up the ship just yet. Take note of the following lessons and offer a little grace to your partner. 


Aim for Understanding

If your chat line partner needs some space, by all means, give it to him or her without pitching a fit. Try to understand where he or she is coming from, so you can be as respectful as possible. There are many reasons why they might need space, and the more understanding, the better. Sure, they might be giving you the run-around, but they might also need space because of work or family stress. Either way, if you are understanding it will be better for everybody!


Offer Him Time

If someone needs some time, then you should certainly give it to him. Do not fret about what might have been or get defensive. If something is meant to be it will always return to you. Don’t try to keep calling or setting up phone dates. The ball is now in his court and you can wait for it (and him) to return to you. 


Honor His Interests

When someone asks for more time and space, they will likely dive into more time with their friends and hobbies. Honor that need he has to do so.  Not everyone has time to be on a phone date 24/7. And with our phones constantly in our hands, this can be hard to remember. Everyone is better when they are well-rounded, and you can learn a lot about a person’s interests and how they spend their free time. 


Embrace Your Own Needs

At a time like this you might find yourself disappointed, but this is a good time to evaluate and take care of yourself. Make sure you keep up with your own hobbies and interests, not just putting all of your eggs in one basket of the person on the chat line. Enjoy your own friends, remember to work out, and take part in your own fun. This is also a great time to try new things, so that you can become more of what you want to be, with or without a chat line partner. You can also try calling into a chat line to find someone else who meets your need for more constant contact. There are plenty of phone daters out there!


Although it can be disconcerting at first to hear someone say they want more space, it is actually usually for the best. Give your chat line partner the space he needs, and use the extra time you have to work on yourself. If it is meant to be, it will definitely come back to you and you will both be better people for the time you had away.