Top 6 Tips for Singles Who Phone Date

By Brad Jeffries on April 7th, 2020 in Dating

Dating can be very hard, and ironically that is even more true for folks who have been in the phone dating game for a while now. It doesn’t get easier with time, that’s for sure. But, it is easy to forget how to be great at phone dating. There are a ton of articles out there, and even several on our blog, with tips and tricks at how to ace this dating game. And, we at Chatline Connect know it can be overwhelming. So, here are the 6 top tips for you to keep in your back pocket when calling a chat line service (if you want to get the most out of it)


1. Be friendly in your greeting

Everyone who calls a chat line is looking for the same thing: A human connection. Regardless of what that connection may be, they are looking to relate to someone on a human level. That being said, don’t play it totally cool in your greeting. Make sure to exude some friendliness, maybe even some elements of romance. Think of your greeting as your elevator pitch as to why someone would speak to you. You need to be engaging, memorable, friendly, and sound happy! There’s no room for acting too cool for school when it comes to chat line dating. It’s not a game that people want to play when they call in. So, increase your odds of chatting with someone awesome by showing that you yourself are also really fun to chat with!


2. Play your cards close to the chest with personal info

Despite the above advice about not playing it cool in the greeting, there are some things you’ll want to keep locked up when you are engaging with people on a chat line. For your own safety, you’ll want to make sure not to reveal all sorts of personal information to the person you are speaking to on a chat line. In the most hands-on sense, don’t reveal any passwords or information which could lead to a scam… obviously. But, in the same token, keep some of the emotional things a mystery too. Chatting on a chat line is for sexy fun, friendship, or dating/relationships. It’s not your personal therapy session. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask questions that are engaging or get into some deep topics, but don’t reveal absolutely everything about yourself. Leave some things mysterious so that your match will want t meet in person.


3. Describe yourself attractively

It’s not narcissistic to describe yourself as physically attractive to the person you are chatting with on a chat line. Chances are that you are pretty or handsome! But, even if you are insecure, you should be generous with the description. People are attracted to confidence as it is, so if you describe yourself with confidence, you’ve already got points on your side in terms of how hot you are! The point of this tip is to remind you not to be harsh on yourself and to give yourself credit to the person you are matched with because it will make you seem confident and even more attractive, making an in-person meet up more likely!


4. Don’t get too heavy too quickly

We touched on it in tip #2, but chat line conversations aren’t your therapy sessions. If you lay it on too thick too early, you are going to turn off some potentially awesome matches. At Chatline Connect, we emphasize this point because we’ve been in this business for a while. People call chat lines to chat! It’s that simple; however, so many people make the mistake of turning their match into their therapist, and that just cuts their chances at really getting the most out of calling into a chat line. So, keep it light and friendly at first. As the relationship deepens, so can the topic of conversation.


5. Ask meaningful questions

While you don’t want the convo to turn into a sobfest, you do want to ask your match meaningful questions. Think about it, your match came to a chat line because he/she wanted to chat! So, make the chatting easy for them by asking questions that are meaningful rather than either just talking about yourself or asking questions that would be considered small talk. For example, ask him/her what her favorite things are, not about the weather. Make your match feel like you are dying to get to know them, and they will likely return the favor to you!


6. Make sure they are mature enough for a relationship

In other words, don’t waste your time. If you are someone who is looking for a relationship (and not just erotic chat or friendship), then make sure that your match is on the same page. We at Chatline Connect would hate to see you waste any time on someone who wasn’t willing to put forth the effort to make you happy. We are all about people finding partners that meet their romantic needs, but we can’t do all the work. Some of that depends on your ability to navigate the phone dating world and discover for yourself who is ready and who isn’t. It’s really as simple as making your goals clear and asking your match about theirs.


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