How To Have The Perfect Chat Line Phone Date

By Brad Jeffries on June 3rd, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

Chat line phone dates are the way of the future, and we are seeing that more than ever now that we are in isolation. The timing couldn’t be better for people who use chat lines to meet people, because it’s becoming more and more of a preferred way of dating. That means that there are more and more people on chat lines looking to date, which means more options for you! If you are sitting at home wondering how to meet hot local singles, call your local chat line! But, just because everyone is on a chat line doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to have the best phone dating experience. Phone dating is easy, sure, but there are ways to make your experience near-perfect.


In order to have the best chat line date possible, you’re going to want to have an amazing chat line greeting. You want something that says romantic, but not too eager. There are tons of ways to make your chat line greeting perfect, but the most important thing to think about is the formula: call, introduce yourself, let your daters know what you are interested in, and sound friendly! It sounds simple, and it is! But some people try too hard in their greeting, which really doesn’t attract the right person. Conversely, people don’t try hard enough! To keep it easy-breezy, just stick to the chat line greeting formula or listen to some samples and say it with a nonchalance that sounds friendly, but not like you don’t care. This is chat line dating 101.


Then, you’ll want to make sure you’re calling the right chat line. Did you know that there are tons of chat lines that you can call which offer free trials? Never call into a line with people you won’t connect with. For example, you wouldn’t call into a gay chat line if you weren’t gay, right? Call into the line that gives you the best chances of meeting that special someone!


Once you’ve called into the right line, you’re going to be asked to set up your greeting, which we’ve already advised you on. But, before you do that, make sure that you are calling in a space where you feel like you can truly be yourself without any distractions. For example, if you’ve got kids, wait until they fall asleep so that you don’t have to put the phone down. Or, if you live with a roommate and you feel like you can’t truly express yourself in front of that roommate, go somewhere that you can be totally alone so that you can get into some deep conversation. That’s what chat lines were made for! But, it’s not fun to match with someone on a chat line and feel them holding back over the phone. There’s already so much that’s inevitably held back due to the fact that phone dating takes away the in-person element!


Once you’ve made a match with someone, there are some classic phone dating etiquette rules that you are going to want to follow. Check out our chat line phone dating tips below!


  • Really listen to your match: When you match with someone, you want to make sure to really listen to what he/she has got to say. Paying attention is crucial when it comes to building and maintaining the momentum of a conversation. Be a listener who asks follow up questions and seems genuinely interested in what the other person has to say!
  • Tell interesting stories: Don’t be silent or bland. Have some interesting points of conversation on standby so that you can keep your match engaged! It doesn’t have to be a wild story or anything, but just more information than what you do for a living or how your weekend was. Having interesting things to say is half of the battle!
  • Be truthful: People are so full of BS these days that everyone is on edge, and your match is smarter than you think that they are. Don’t lie or go totally out of your way when telling them stories. First of all, this is someone who you want to date long-term, right? He/she is going to find out soon enough if you are lying about anything. Plus, nothing is more embarrassing than getting caught in a lie while dating!
  • Be sexy, but not overly forward: There are chat lines dedicated to erotic chat, so if you’re in the mood for something pretty kinky, just go ahead and call those! But, on other lines that are more dedicated to dating, try to be chill about the sexy stuff. Don’t be too forward or scare your date. If you are interested after some chatting in driving the conversation in that direction, try to be smooth about it!
  • Ask fun questions: Have fun on a chat line, and go ahead and ask some fun questions! Ask things that your match would want to answer, you can even play question games or get-to-know-you games while chatting on the phone dating platform. The point is to keep your match engaged and interested. Everyone loves answering questions about themselves, but they don’t want to feel like they are being interviewed for a job when they are actually on a date.
  • If you like your match, say so: Life is short, and there’s not a ton of room for playing it coy when you are phone dating. So, if you are really into your match, let that person know. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you’re feeling the chemistry. Setting up a 2nd phone date is also a good idea, and shows that you are really serious. If your match is into it, you’ll have set yourself up for success!