How To Make Up After a Chat Line Fight

By Brad Jeffries on January 18th, 2023 in Dating

Chat line dating is a lot of fun, but people can sometimes take things too far just like in a regular relationship. You might have found the perfect person to chat with, where you can have some fun and even share the ups and downs of regular life. And because this is like a normal relationship in many ways, if you go back and chat with the same person again and again, there is bound to be some fighting. But if you find a good relationship on a chat line, even if you are fighting, you will want to save it by following the tips below.


Breathe Deeply

Although it sounds too simplistic, the best thing to do when faced with a fight is to take a deep breath. Instead of firing back at the person on the other end of the line or trying to be right, take a deep breath and regain your composure. We have all said things that we regret on a phone date in the heat of the moment. Step away from the chat line argument so you can compose yourself. Go for a walk, focus on something else for a bit, or just take a little space for yourself. This will help you focus on what is really at stake.


Assess the Situation

Once you have calmed down and regained your temper, it is time to take a good hard look at the situation with your chat line date. When you slow down and take the time to be honest with yourself, you can understand what is happening. Get to the root cause of what is going on, and take a good hard look at the situation surrounding the fight. If you have cooled off and can look at the disagreement more calmly, you will be able to solve the problem more easily.


Talk it Through

Once you get a handle on your own emotions, it is time to talk it out with your chat line partner. You need to be willing to put all negativity aside as you chat, and express your own thoughts and feelings kindly but surely. Make sure that your voice is heard, and create some silence for your chat line partner to talk as well.


Consider the Other Perspective

One of the trickiest parts of making up after a fight is to consider the other side of the argument. Make sure to listen with an open mind, and truly try to put yourself into their shoes. If you can respectfully try to see the other side, you will be more likely to make up with the chat line person on the other end of the line.

Arguments are part of life, and it is not really practical to think that you will never be fighting with a chat line partner. By following the tips above though, you can calmly work things out and make it possible for the two of you to move on in peace.