How To Never Get Ghosted By A Chat Line Date

By Brad Jeffries on August 25th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

For lots of people, ghosting is synonymous with dating. Folks who find themselves constantly getting ghosted by their dates rarely know why it keeps happening to them. It can lead to a lot of self-doubt and might even contribute to depression. People just get so down on themselves and feel as if they’ll never find true love. It’s heartbreaking to see someone stuck in the ghosting rut. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, they just need some good advice on how to avoid being ghosted.

Phone dating platforms allow for levels of anonymity, making ghosters more comfortable with disappearing. They’ve never seen the look on your face, so they don’t mind hurting you. Some might argue that virtual dating chat lines breed some level of sociopathy, but that’s not the case. Don’t take a chat line ghost to mean something personal about you. Ghosting says a lot more about the ghost than it does the victim, but that doesn’t stop it from hurting. If you are a serial ghost victim, there are ways you can break the spell. Here’s how to stop getting haunted and start feeling wanted!

Be Authentic ASAP

Small talk doesn’t do much for chat line dating. People who are authentic, themselves, and even vulnerable right off the bat are the ones who are going to make a stronger connection to their date. Phone dating can be pretty boring and exhaustive if you are doing it often. Nobody wants to have the same small talk intro conversation over and over again. If you are a small talker, that could be why you keep getting ghosted. Your date doesn’t feel like they really know you. Without seeing you, they loop you into a group of people that don’t mean much to them. Give them something to hold on to and remember you by. It sounds silly, but being your true self immediately is going to be enough. You don’t need to have outrageous stories to tell or a private jet to mention. Making your date feel like they are speaking to a real relatable person is interesting enough. It’s a million times better and more memorable than talking to a small talk drone or someone hyperbolous.

Manage Your Expectations

The ghosted population is full of people who fall really hard really quickly. They are looking for someone to fill a void they have within themselves and put a lot of pressure on others early on in the relationship. Have you ever had a first phone date with someone and caught yourself fantasizing about your wedding after the call? It’s ok to be a romantic or excited about love, but you have to manage your expectations. Nobody is going to live up to the version of them that you create inside your head. Plus, when you have crazy expectations for someone, you subconsciously emit a sort of frantic energy. You might end up scaring off your phone date or making them feel too much pressure. Phone daters are looking to experience the beauty of dating without the pressure of going on an actual date. Pressure isn’t something they are into. If you are adding pressure through unrealistic expectations too soon in a chat line relationship, it might be why you keep getting ghosted.

Don’t Put All Your Cards On The Table

Dating has a lot of similarities to poker. You don’t want to show all of your cards right away because you are going to lose. Dating exists because of sexual tension, excited energy, and a bit of mystery. By going into every phone date and telling your chat line partner everything about yourself, your expectations, and what you are looking for in a mate is the same as putting all of your cards on the table. Maintain the mystery. Keep your date guessing, at least at first, about what there is to learn about you. A little bit of mystery is what will keep your date wanted to turn the next page with you. If they know the ending of the story, why bother reading it? Don’t give away the ending by racing through the details of your life. Be authentic, like mentioned above, but don’t be obvious or tell your entire life story on the first date. Plant some seeds, mention key points, and leave your date wanting more. Nobody wants to ghost or ditch a good story without knowing what’s int he final chapters.