Questions to Ask + Avoid While on a Chat Line Date

By Brad Jeffries on March 25th, 2020 in Uncategorized

When it comes to chat line dating, chatting and flirting comes naturally. In the comfort of our own homes, we feel at ease, giving us the ability to communicate freely and with confidence. This added buffer of the phone allows people to relax and truly be themselves. This is part of the magic behind the success of chat line dating; however, it does pose a challenge for those chat line matches when it comes time to finally meet in person. Meeting in person is pretty much the end game for chat line users, but there’s always the hurdle of the first date. What if the chemistry felt over the phone isn’t the same? What if there is a lull in the conversation? The idea of finally meeting someone you’ve been chatting with can seem very daunting. But, there are some things you can keep in mind that might help the flow of the date! We’ve put together a list of topics to discuss or avoid during your first date with a chat line partner.


Discuss what you are looking for in a match, but avoid bringing up an ex
When you are on your date with your chat line partner, you might feel tempted to let your date know what you are into and what kind of relationship you are looking for. In today’s culture, there are so many different types of relationships, ranging from the ultra-casual hookup to the full-fledged relationship. It’s perfectly healthy to ask and report what you are looking for in the relationship. While bringing up what you do want, it can also be easy to bring up what you aren’t into. Sometimes, people use their past relationships to paint the picture as to their reasoning behind their wants. We strongly discourage you from bringing up an ex-relationship in any form. Even if it is innocently mentioned, it will send off alerts in the mind of your date. It can make you seem like you aren’t over your ex, that you are overly critical, that your ex wounds are too fresh, etc. It’s overall not a great look, so stick to chatting about the positives you seek in relationships and steer clear of the faults of your ex!


Ask about his/her job, but avoid bringing up salary
When on a first date with your chat line partner, you’ll want to show that you are interested in his/her life and passions. The inevitable ‘what do you do’ question will come up (if it hasn’t already in your chat like phone conversations) and you should feel free to ask questions about how they feel about their work and their long term goals. However, a subject that is totally off the table is the matter of salary. It’s really tacky to ask someone how much money he/she makes. Beyond being a slimy question, it’ll make you come off as someone who is shallow and potentially on the date for the wrong reasons. So, get personal when it comes to work, but not too personal.


Share something intimate, but don’t turn the date into a therapy session
A magical first date is built on shared, connecting moments. This happens when the two parties on the date allow themselves to be vulnerable. Often times, people reveal vulnerable moments and their date surprises or comforts them by relating to that vulnerability. This can be in the form of an embarrassing tale or troubling past, but don’t go beyond the surface of this vulnerable moment. When you feel a connection, it can be tempting to dive headfirst into discussing many vulnerable things that you feel your date may also relate to, but we urge you to proceed with caution. While connecting on a deep level over life’s intimate details is nice, turning your date into a therapy session is scary and too much to unload on a person during the first date. So, get vulnerable but don’t open Pandora’s box. In other words, connect without scaring your date away!


Ask about his/her following week/weekend, don’t invite yourself on a date
If your date seems to be going really well, it might seem like a good idea to figure out what your chat line honey’s plans are for the next week or weekend in hopes of inserting yourself into them. While we think you should absolutely show your interest and ask what they’ve got going on, we also know that no good comes from jumping the gun in planning the next date. Asking about what your date has planned is a cute and subtle way to hint that you’d like to see him/her again, but leave it at that. Inserting yourself into his/her schedule is going to feel a little pushy and put your date under too much pressure, even if he/she is really into you as well. With the ability to connect whenever and wherever in today’s digital age, you can rest assured that you will link with your date again if you both want it to happen. Prematurely inserting yourself into his/her schedule is not necessary.


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