Red Flags Are Real: When Your Chat Line Partner Isn’t Telling You The Whole Truth

By Brad Jeffries on November 22nd, 2021 in Chat LinesDating

Ignoring red flags is so last year; this year is a year of growth for all of us and when it comes to relationships that means listening to your gut and respecting those red flags. When you are a single who has found a chat line relationship it is really easy to dismiss red flags by saying you must have misunderstood what your S.O. was saying and it is really easy to fall for excuses, especially when you aren’t face-to-face with your lover. Now is the time for healthy, fulfilling, emotionally stable, loving, caring relationships. The time for bad boys and girls is over….unless that’s what you are looking for, in which case, ignore us. So what are some of the most common red flags people continuously ignore but shouldn’t?



If your chat line partner is suddenly super busy with work or family issues and your talks are getting shorter and shorter and less frequent, chances are they just don’t want to put in the effort and it is time to move on. Either that or they may have still been perusing the chat line greetings and have found someone else they are talking to. Either way, this is definitely a sign of guilt or disinterest, neither of which are okay. If your chat line gal/guy isn’t giving your relationship the attention it deserves, it’s time for you to hang up that phone, call back and find yourself another chat line S.O.



….or any excuse equivalent to this one. There are always going to be excuses not to talk. 99% of the time those excuses are going to be bull. If your gal/guy wants to talk to you, guess what they will do? They will make the time to talk to you, just as you do for them! Stop accepting excuses. Start accepting great love.



This excuse is as old as time. If they want to get in contact with you, then they will. It really is as simple as that.



If you are constantly having to reassure your S.O. about the seriousness of your feelings/relationship, this could be a pretty big red flag. If they aren’t secure in themselves, then your relationship is going to revolve around made up narratives in their head of where you are, who you are with and what you are doing – especially since your relationship is via chat line as of now so you can’t physically be with your partner.



If you notice that every time you talk, little, otherwise incosequential details in their stories are changing, don’t ignore this huge red flag. Details constantly changing, however small, equates to lies being told. You deserve more than that. Find your perfect chat line lover. There are plenty of gals/guys out there just waiting for your magnificent self to connect to their chat line greeting and begin a wonderful relationship together.



DUMP. THEM. NOW. If they cannot listen and really hear what you have to say and understand where you are coming from, don’t waste another minute on them. Communication is literally all you have via chat line and if they can’t respect your feelings and your POV or stop talking long enough to listen to what you have to say and respond accordingly, their time is up: the turkey has burnt, the crowd has left, the drinks have been spilled. Goodnight. Goodbye. Au Revoir.