What Not To Say On A Chat Line

By Brad Jeffries on May 19th, 2022 in Chat LinesDating

Conversation is both an art and a science, and in order to succeed on a chat line call, you need to be both an artist and a scientist. After all, chemistry is important when you are meeting someone new! Sometimes people are unsure about what to say in a conversation, and we are here to offer you some tips on what to steer clear of. In other words, if you want to have a successful, enjoyable, flirty conversation, keep things running smoothly by avoiding the list of topics below.

Don’t Be Too Needy

Chat lines are for fun, conversation, and perhaps even a meet-up. The last thing you should be doing on a chat line is bringing down the mood. If you come on too strong, or are too needy, that is a sure sign that he will want to hang up. Clingy behavior, moving too far too fast, or expounding on your expectations of the relationship are all things that will turn them off.

Don’t Expect Too Much

Because chat lines are supposed to be lighthearted ways to communicate, be careful that you do not get too heavy or be too demanding. If you are asking a person to declare their love for you, they will likely run for the hills. In addition to not asking them to be too serious, you also don’t want to lay anything heavy on them. Don’t treat someone like your personal counselor, telling them every single thing about your life.

Avoid Negative Talk

No one likes an Eeyore. Avoid negative talk on the phone date as much as possible. Negativity will completely turn people off. Remember, they came for a chat line to enjoy themselves! If you are always focused on the dark side, you will weigh down the conversation, and he will not want to choose to chat with you in the future. Chat lines are for frivolous banter, sexy talk, and enjoyment. Keep the negative to yourself.

Choose Topics Carefully

Aim to talk about lightheaded things, and avoid divisive topics that would turn people away. Don’t get too heavy with your topics on the phone. Lighthearted is best. It’s a bad idea to talk about past phone dates, as that just leads to competitive feelings. Also steer clear of topics such as politics and religion, which can be a real turn off. Sure, it’s ok to share things about yourself, but try to keep it as positive as possible.

Enjoy your time phone dating by following these few simple tips. Keep the conversation flowing with fun, and avoid any negative talk that brings down the mood. These tips are here to help you stay on the path toward real, long-term love without destroying the connection on the onset. Sometimes nerves can tend to take over and kill the connection before a spark ever fully forms! If you follow these ideals, you will be ready for a joyful, enjoyable time on the phone! And who knows where things might go from there!