Worst Places to Take Your Chat Line Date

By Brad Jeffries on August 3rd, 2019 in Dating

If you think you’ve finally met that special person on a chat line, you’re going to want to meet that person. It can be exciting and nerve-wracking to actually plan on that first meeting. What will you wear? What will you say? What will happen? The possibilities are endless and completely open, so of course you’re going to have the jitters. In order to create a foundation for an awesome relationship, the first meeting needs to be amazing! There have been chat line matches that seem great over the phone; however, when they meet in person, the chemistry they once felt seems to have died. Perhaps those pick up lines you tried don’t sit as well in person. While some matches simply aren’t meant-to-be, others simply didn’t stand a chance because the first meeting was so awkward. It might not be the fault of any person at all. Instead, it could absolutely be because the place that the matches decided to meet for the first time was inappropriate or not at all conducive to having an amazing date. In this article, we are going to go through the places where you shouldn’t meet and why. So, before you plan that first date, take a gander at our list of no-go spots! 


Movie Theater

Taking your chat line date to a movie is not a great idea because a movie theater requires you to be quiet the entire time! Although in theory it might seem like a good idea because you’ve spent so much time talking to each other, you are going to want to have some conversation on this date. More than that, if you are sitting at a movie theater, you won’t be able to look at your date. Meeting for the first time after matching on a chat line is all about making that visual connection that you haven’t been able to until now. You’ll be able to see him/her smile and laugh at your jokes, or you’ll be able to make eye contact and connect on a very deep level. Interactions at a movie theater include a few glances and maybe some uncomfortable seated cuddling. That kind of intimacy before talking in person is going to set the tone for a less-than-serious relationship. Plus, the movie might totally suck! 


The Mall

Unless you are 14 and just got your weekly allowance, stay away from the mall on your first date with someone you’ve met on a chat line. Malls give off a very juvenile vibe and there isn’t much to do! It can also lead to some very awkward situations, such as waiting for her/him to try something on in a store or eating a messy pretzel. When you go to the mall with a date, there’s also always that weird moment when you pass Victorias Secret and make some silly joke about going inside and buying something scandalous. Also, the lighting in malls is terrible and not at all romantic. In fact, malls are probably the least romantic places to take a date and should be avoided at all costs. 



If you’re thinking about taking your date to a karaoke bar, think again. A dive bar could be nice, but karaoke bars are often very cheesy and produce some unwanted anxiety. When you are meeting someone in person for the first time, you are going to want to try to connect on a deeper level. The fantasy of scream-singing a Britney Spears song with your crush while in a drunken phase sounds like a better Romcom sketch than an actual real activity. Moreover, at a karaoke bar, there will be a ton of loud drunk people around you. And, what if singing makes your date really nervous? It adds some very unnecessary nervous energy to an already shaky situation. 


A Nightclub

A nightclub is not a good place to take a first date for several reasons. For one, you won’t be able to hear each other talk, which is never good on a first date. Secondly, nightclubs add a lot of pressure for both you and your date. Why? Well, not only will you and your date have to dress in slutty-chic clothing (the nightclub uniform) in order to get in, but there’s also a doorman who might not let you into the club at all! Nightclubs are notorious for being picky with their guests. Imagine the horror if you or your date isn’t let into the club. And finally, nightclubs breed a lot of sweat, sex, and drugs. While we want you to get all the sexy time you need, a nightclub atmosphere doesn’t set a great precedent for a meaningful relationship.