5 Chat Line Relationship Tips To Swear By For Gay Partnerships

By Brad Jeffries on November 16th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. There’s just a dose of tension sprinkled on virtually every situation, and phone dating is no exception. With all the pressures that already surround chat line dating, it’s not helpful when even more is applied due to outside forces. Developing a phone dating relationship is complicated already, what with the need to establish a deep connection over the phone. With more singles turning to their phones for dating, the competition has also gotten steeper. More people are calling chat lines, especially gay lines for some reason. It seems that the gay community is actively seeking romance, even when they can’t meet in person. Chat lines are seeing more users than ever, which is a pro because you can meet more people, but a con due to the aforementioned competition.

Gay couples in budding chat line relationships are also facing complications due to new types of frustrations. Are gay chat line relationships even viable at the present time? Yes, yes and more yes! Don’t let the challenges of daily life hurt your ability to form a relationship. Here are six tips to keep your chat line relationship fresh and thriving during the difficult times. Use these tips as a guide towards a working and healthy phone dating relationship, whether you’re just playing the chat line field or involved with someone on a more serious level.


Stay In The Moment

When times are tough it’s easy to get distracted from the things and people who matter to you. For example, while you are on a phone date you might find yourself thinking about other things that are bothering you, or the items on your to-do list. Thinking of these things at a time when you are supposed to be present is a coping mechanism of sorts. In thinking about the stressful stuff, you feel that you are being proactive about it. But instead, you are wondering about stuff you can’t control and hurting the things that bring you joy. Always be mindful of where your mind actually is while on the phone with your chat line partner. Stay present, be an active listener.


Communication Is Key

If something isn’t working in the chat line partnership, speak up. Some who phone date have a hard time setting boundaries with their chat line dates. Emotional boundaries are things we put into place during the beginning stages of the relationship so that our prospective partners know what our limits are. It’s especially important for gay chat line relationships, as boundaries have had to be a part of the conversation for decades. It’s hard to do while phone dating sometimes, which often leads to many communication mishaps. But communication is crucial for successful chat line relationships. If you haven’t already, make sure that your boundaries are clear to your chat line partner. Also be sure to communicate when things bother you, so that you don’t get stuck in patterns that make you feel uncomfortable.


Don’t Take Your Anger Out On Your Chat Line Date

With so many external forces attempting to infiltrate your daily life, it can be all too easy for them to sneak into your relationship. Perhaps you are having a bad day. Do you allow that energy to find its way into your conversations with your chat line partner? Try to recognize if and when that is happening and consider that it’s not really fair for you to take out that negative energy on your partner. They didn’t make you upset and probably aren’t aware of what is causing you distress. This is why communication is so important in chat line relationships. Without the benefit of in-person contact, it can be hard to determine or read the mind of a chat line partner. Actually, it’s darn near impossible! Be kind to your partner even when you are having a rough go of it.


Be Mindful Of Their Perspective

Do your best to always place yourself in your partner’s shoes. If they are acting strange, unfamiliar, or even annoying to you, give them the benefit of the doubt. With so much going on in the outside world, your partner might be trying to understand their own feelings. It’s not ok for them to be hurtful towards you. Absolutely put your foot down if you experience anything like that coming from your partner; however, try to always understand their perspective on things before jumping down their throats. Their behavior might be stemming from something that has nothing to do with you, so be kind!


Understand Your Role In The Relationship

Everyone takes on a role in their relationships. When you are on a phone date, are you more of a take-charge parter or a pull-back partner. Perhaps your partnership is completely equal and it’s difficult to determine who is who. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of the power dynamic, every individual in a relationship serves it in some way. You and your partner are likely two halves that balance each other. Are you always there for your partner when they are feeling low? Are you someone who loves to give advice? Understand your own needs along with your partner’s so that you can better grasp the way the relationship functions on a fundamental level. By knowing this, you gain a deep comprehension on why certain things play out the way they do.


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