How To Be An Active Chat Line Listener

By Brad Jeffries on January 14th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

Chat lines are really about one thing: Communication. Communication is a gigantic pillar in successful relationships, but they are even more important for chat line relationships. What people seem to misunderstand from what it means to be a good communicator is that it’s not all about the chatting! In fact, most of the time, it’s about the listening. Women especially value a man that knows how to listen, someone who can show her that he cares about what she has to say. Someone who is an active listener. On a chat line, obviously, you can’t provide visual cues to show that you are listening to your chat line partner. You can’t nod your head or look them in the eyes, so how do you show that you are a good listener?

Don’t interrupt

The biggest rule when it comes to listening is learning how to not interrupt. Even if you have something meaningful to add to the conversation, let her completely finish her thoughts before you chime in. Nothing demonstrates that you were not listening like chiming in, especially if you chime in with something completely off-topic. So, pay attention.


Make agreeable sounds

While it’s not ok to interrupt, it is ok to make vocal sounds to show that you are engaged. Reacting while listening is completely natural and reminds her that you are engaged. Exclamations like “wow,” “mhmm,” “that’s interesting,” show that you’ve been hearing what she’s saying and it’s actually something you are digesting.


Ask meaningful questions

When it naturally feels like your turn to speak, ask her meaningful questions that relate directly to whatever she told you. These questions should lead her deeper into her story, making her feel important and wanted. It also gives you insight into her deepest thoughts and shows that you are a safe person for her to reveal her innermost opinions and secrets to, thereby strengthening your relationship.


Refer to your own life

Draw comparisons between her life and yours, when it is finally time for you to speak. This will show her that you two have the potential to establish a deep, meaningful connection.


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