Advice For Your Brand New Chat Line Relationship

By Brad Jeffries on November 9th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

If real life was a fairytale, you’d call a singles line, match with your chat line soulmate and ride off into the phone dating sunset. Cue the happily-ever-after music, preferably covered by Idina Menzel. But relationships don’t unfold like Disney movies and many couples often find themselves in the center of relationship issues pretty soon after things are made official. Getting into conflicts or arguments from the jump isn’t the best sign, but it’s not the worst either. It doesn’t mean that your chat line relationship is doomed at all. It simply informs you that there are things you could be doing to maintain your budding relationship better.

The onset of new relationships isn’t the easiest ship to steer. There are waves and winds ahead, and if you don’t have a sturdy boat, you might capsize. How do you turn your new chatline relationship into a sturdy ship? It’s not complicated. Check out our advice below for chat line couples who have just entered into a new phone dating relationship. Whether you met on a chat line and have transitioned into the in-person stages, or you have yet to meet IRL (in real life) and are still spending time together on the phone, this advice will point you towards happily-ever-after.


Talk about the future

You are in a brand new chat line relationship, congratulations! Now it’s time to begin laying the groundwork for your future together. If the relationship is spanking new, as in you just solidified what you mean to each other, you don’t need to discuss the far future. For example, don’t start planning your future children’s names. The ‘future’ is relative to where you are in the relationship. If you have yet to meet for the first date, then you should talk about it! If you two are already several dates in, slyly bring up what living together could potentially look like. By keeping the future part of the conversation, you are more likely to build a solid one.


But live in the moment

Don’t get caught up in planning absolutely everything. You are newly in love, aren’t you? That’s a lucky spot to be in. One that many people frequently are hoping for. So don’t miss out by thinking too deeply about the future, or worse – the past. Try to be as present as possible with your partner, loving every single moment you are spending with your new chat line lover. This time in the very beginning of a relationship is called the Honeymoon phase, and it’s usually everyone’s favorite time. Savor the moment!


Discuss intimacy 

Even if you haven’t met in person, the goal is to get intimate with your chat line partner. So you are going to need to be comfortable discussing your sexual needs with your partner. Talk about what you like, dislike, and what you want to try. You will also need to disclose any sexual health information that you think is important to pass on.


Integrate friends and family

It’s time to start bringing your chat line SO into your inner-circles. Introduce them to your friends and family. Also, ask them to introduce you to the people that matter most to them in their lives. By introducing your chat line sweetheart to others who you feel close to, you then solidify the relationship in a very meaningful way. If there’s a way for everyone to meet up in person, that’s even better.


Leave the ex in the past

You might be tempted to discuss your ex with your phone dating partner, but it’s not a good idea. Every now and then, if it comes up naturally, it’s ok to talk about previous relationships. But this shouldn’t be a topic of discussion all the time. It doesn’t do you any good to continue to bring up things that clearly didn’t work for you. Also, it doesn’t send a great message to your current partner. It might even suggest that you aren’t over your ex, which can be really hurtful to the new person who is trying to start a life with you.


Be authentic

Be as true to yourself as possible. In order to make this chat line relationship last and blossom into something monumental in your life, you are going to want to make sure that you can totally be yourself around that person. Don’t shift to meet their ideals. You’ve got to be authentically yourself in order for the love to be true. Alternatively, you need to accept your partner for who they are. They might not fit into your standards of the perfect partner, but nobody is perfect. Give them a break when their flaws occasionally surface.


Discuss issues early on

Seeing red flags early on in the relationship? What kind of flags? Little things that annoy you about you chat line partner are likely things you need to get over. Do they snore or ask questions while you are watching a movie together? Those things are sort of annoying but not dealbreakers! Now, if your partner does things that you think are wrong or totally against your beliefs, those are valid red flags that you need to address early on. Don’t let those types of things slide or you will be setting the precedent to allow it to continue for the rest of the relationship.


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