How To Tell Someone You Are Into Them

By Brad Jeffries on September 8th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

Today’s generation of daters is unlike any other. We are informed without being forthcoming, connected while disconnected, and full of confusion. You don’t want to be too forward, but you also know what you are interested in and value your own time. So, how can you tell someone that you like them as more than a friend? Chat line dating adds to the confusion but also makes things more clear. Obviously, phone dating doesn’t allow you to pick up on visual cues. However, it does put tons of people in the same place under the same pretenses. You can’t walk into a coffee shop and know that everyone there is single and looking to date. You can make that assumption on a chat line, making the forwardness of dating a whole lot easier. If someone is talking to you on a phone for an extended period of time, on a chat line, and sounds interested, that person probably likes you too! Doesn’t that notion make telling them that you are catching the feels easier? You’d think. But some people still struggle with being honest about their feelings, even on a chat line. Here are some new, innovative ways you can tell someone that you are into them without saying, “I am into you.”


Tell them your chat line expectations

Sometimes just letting someone know that you are looking for something serious is enough to clue them into your feelings. Tell your chat line crush that you have been on the line for a little while and know what you want: A serious partner! How they react will tell you if they like you back and hopefully open up the dialogue which would give you enough courage to tell them about your feelings. Bringing up what you are looking for from your chat lining might even inspire them to tell you about their feelings first which would take the pressure off of your plate.


Talk about the future together

Talking about the future with your chat line partner is a nice way to introduce the fact that you are catching the feels. People generally talk about a future with the person they want to make things official with. You’ll be able to tell if your crush feels the same way if they also play into the future conversation. You can even just ask them about how they see a future with you. If they talk about a bright future together in the relationship you can rest assured that they have feelings for you too. They’ll gather that you care for them because you’ve brought it up and now you don’t have to say, “I’m into you.” It’s implied on both ends.


Tell them you’ve got something on your mind

If your chat line crush is a smarty, they’ll be able to figure out exactly what you are trying to say. But if your chat line doesn’t get the implication of you having “something” to tell them, then you’ll know that maybe now isn’t the time. Saying you’ve been thinking about something you want to say will likely clue them in though and if you find that your chat line crush is pushing you to just say it, then you can tell them. You can even ask, “Do you know what I want to tell you.” If they guess that you want to profess your love, then go ahead and do it!


Tell them you dreamed of them

This method is kind of a cop-out but it totally works. We usually dream about people we are interested in, so telling your partner that they’ve entered your dream is going to imply the same to them. It’s a bad sign if your partner brushes that off and a very good sign if they want to know more. We’d steer clear from telling them about a sex dream if you haven’t even said that you’re into each other yet as that might start the relationship out on a non-serious casual fling foot.


Ask them what qualities they look for in a partner

When you ask someone what they look for in a partner and you’re already kind of dating, they are going to describe you if they have feelings for you. Once you ask and get the answer you want to hear (AKA adjectives that articulate everything you are), you can share what you look for in a partner. Obviously, describe that chat line crush you are currently talking to. It’s like you’ve said, “I like you” to each other in your own secret language!


Plan a time to meet in person

That’s what this is all about right? Chatting with someone you eventually want to meet up with? Does your chat line crush live nearby? Planning a time to actually meet up is pretty much sealing the deal in the admittance of feelings, or it’s at least a step in the right direction! You’ll finally get to flirt in person, and maybe you’ll even find the courage to tell your crush how you feel once you are face-to-face!


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