Common Chat Line Fails

By Brad Jeffries on May 6th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

Chat lines are one of the most forgiving forms of dating. For one, unlike dating apps, nothing is screen-shottable. No embarrassing messages are recorded until the end of time. No photoshopped fails are posted on your profile. And, unlike in-person dating, no dating outfit fails happen. Your looks happen to not be the most important quality you’ve got while dating with a phone dating service. But, there are of course mistakes to be made. People aren’t perfect and some are even chat line clueless! But, we want you to find that friend, lady lover, chat line man, life partner, or whatever you are looking for when you call into a chat line. And, for that reason, we have gone through some of the most common chat line fails so that you don’t have to. We’ve combed through users, interviewed daters, and asked them about their experiences. From fails of their own to things that have turned the off or away during a chat line dating experience, here are some of the biggest chat line mistakes or fails that people make. Take note, ladies and gentleman! Here’s a crash course on what not to do while attempting to find that special someone via a chat line.


Don’t have a boring greeting

This is like shooting yourself in the foot before you even get started. Playing it cool or ‘chill’ in your chat line greeting might seem like a way to play hard to get, but honestly, while dating through a phone, how much harder can you get? Don’t waste this flirtation strategy on your greeting because it won’t work. Your greeting is like your pitch, it’s what draws in your potential match. If yours is boring, then who is going care enough to see what you are all about? Certainly not someone who you’d even want to be with. So, try to mix it up. Keep your greeting engaging enough to attract someone to you.


Awkward Silence

When you are on a chat line to date, you’ve got to CHAT. This seems obvious, but there are so many calls filled with awkward silence. It’s not fun for you and it’s definitely not fun for the chatter on the other side of the phone call. Chat line discussions are supposed to be full, flirty, and fun! If you find yourself in this position a bunch, there are definitely things you can do to help yourself prepare for the awkward silences and beat them.

  • Have interesting questions prepared
  • Comment on things they said in their greeting
  • Tell someone about your day


Dominating the conversation

So, contrast to those who have awkward conversations are the folks who are way too chatty. People come onto a chat line to chat, yes. But, you have to remember that your date whats to talk too! If you don’t let someone get a word in, cut them off, or make the phone dating call all about you… that person is going to get bored. You might think you are interesting, but you aren’t that interesting. There are ways to monitor yourself when it comes to dominating the conversation. You can make sure to be an active listener, ask your date questions and actually let them answer, and attempt to be hyper-aware of when you are taking over the date and hogging all the air time.


Putting someone on hold

Putting someone on hold is rude and a buzzkill. You don’t want to be that type of dater. If you are someone who has a lot of distractions in your life, such as kids, work, or roommates, then you’ve got to arrange your life in a way that allows for a peaceful phone dating experience. For example, you can wait until your kids are asleep, walk outside to take the call, or clear your schedule. You’ve got to make sure that you are going to give your undivided attention to someone when you take up their time on a chat line date. Who wants to sit waiting for you to finish up a task or put a child to bed while they are hoping to be on a date? You wouldn’t do it in-person, so don’t do it on a chat line.


Bringing up the ex

Ahh, the ex-factor. People call chat lines often when a relationship has just ended because it’s a no-pressure way to hop into a new and exciting realm of dating. And, if this is you, that’s A-Okay. The thing is, you have to be careful to not bring up your ex in the conversation. If it’s avoidable, then avoid it. If your chat line partner asks about a past relationship, realize that you have nothing to gain from showing all of your ex-cards and come up with a short and sweet response that basically puts the subject to rest. Even if they ask, hearing about your ex is going to be a turn-off, even if it’s therapeutic for you.


Forgetting someone’s name

On a chat line date, you’ve really only got one job and it’s to remember your match’s name! People do this all the time in the real world too, right? You meet someone, shake their hand, make an introduction and then immediately forget the person’s name. Then, you spend the rest of the engagement checked-out and trying to remember that person’s name so you don’t sound like an arrogant fool or are forced to ask what it is! So, do yourself a favor and always remember the name. Make a note of it if you have to! Forgetting makes the person you’re chatting with feel that you are selfish, not paying attention, or not serious about making a connection. It might seem innocent, but it really isn’t.


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