The Most Attractive Traits to have While Flirting on a Chat Line

By Brad Jeffries on August 15th, 2019 in Chat LinesDating

In today’s bustling world, it’s very hard to find that special someone to share your most intimate thoughts with. You might look at your friends or family members who have perfect relationships and wonder how they did it! It’s not easy to connect with people these days. But, there are a ton of ways to meet someone. One of the best ways is through a chat line! Like every other form of dating, finding that girl or guy of your dreams is not always easy; however, it’s very possible. We’ve researched and found out which behaviors and personality traits people respond best to when using a chat line so that you can put your best food forward and meet the love of your life! 



One of the most attractive qualities in another person is confidence. People are immediately drawn to others who are sure of themselves. Confident people are often seen as charming and smart, simply because they speak with authority. However, confidence is not an easy thing to have. Some people are born with it and some people are predisposed to have a bit more anxiety and feel more insecure at times. What people on the outside sometimes miss is the fact that insecure people are often some of the smartest. They are overthinkers. If you find that you have a lot of anxiety and a hard time feeling confident, don’t worry! We know, we know, easier said than done! Confidence is something that can be learned! The best way to learn how to be more confident is to fake it before you make it. A chat line is an amazing place to practice this. Over the phone, you have a security blanket (lack of visual attainability) which should give you some room to try things out. If someone rejects you for any reason, don’t take it personally. Simply keep trying. Eventually your mentality will catch up to your ‘faking it,’ making you a more confident person overall. The best part about practicing on a chat line is that you’ll be able to practice for as long as you need to before going on that first date! Talking on the phone and gaining confidence is like a test run for that first time you meet in person. In fact, practicing on a chat line will help you become more confident in other aspects of your life.



People are drawn to those who have a sense of humor. This doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily be the class clown; however, if you know that you are funny, use that to your advantage! People are interested in those with a sense of humor because it shows that they are easygoing and don’t take themselves too seriously. Depending on the kind of humor, it also is an indicator of intelligence. Try not to mistake humor with ignorance. People are not generally impressed with cheap jokes that hit in a mean way. Rather, if you are someone who isn’t the comedian in your social circles, you can practice having a good sense of humor by simply going with the flow and understanding the comedy in the tragedy of our lives. For example, if you’re having a rough day and speaking to your chat line match about it, you might want to laugh at the situation instead of wallowing in it. It will show your partner that when she/he is in a tough situation, you’ll be able to make him/her feel better about it! 


Common Ground

Human beings are vain creatures by nature. We like things that remind us of ourselves. When flirting on a chat line, it’s important to find common ground with the person you are talking to. You don’t have to like all of the same things (being unique is what makes people awesome!); however, if there is someone that you find yourself attracted to, chances are that you have some interests in common. Try to find out about your crush by talking to him/her and asking a lot of questions. When you learn something about the person that you relate to, you can draw from your own experiences to enhance the conversation. The person that you are speaking with will then feel heard and understood, which will attract them to you. They’ll want to see what else they have in common with you. From there, the conversation(s) will begin to grow, thus allowing your relationship to also grow. 

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Trust is one of the most important (if not the most important) aspect of any relationship. Whether its a friendship, a family relationship, or a dating relationship, trust is the ingredient that makes it sustain the test of time. For that reason, people tend to attach to others that give off a trustworthy energy. It’s hard to say how you can practice seeming trustworthy other than simply always telling the truth. When people are freshly in the dating game, there’s a large tendency to build themselves up or lie about themselves to make themselves seem ‘cool’ or ‘important.’ If the person you are flirting with catches you in a lie, you can almost certainly kiss the relationship goodbye. Believe it or not, accepting and admitting to your own faults is going to come off as more attractive than lying about something to sound cool. In fact, most people can see right through a lie almost instantly. More than that, you can show that you are trustworthy by being open and non-judgemental when you get sensitive information from your match. It will give your match a sense of comfortability with you, which is a very large component to trust.



When looking for a partner, people are often looking for those who they can rely on. In the beginning, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to show that you are reliable to another person. However, you can absolutely create those opportunities for yourself. By planning phone calls and dates, you’ll show your match that you are serious about getting to know them. Subsequently showing up and being fully present for those situations will prove to your crush that you are also very reliable and someone who they can count on. Another way to demonstrate your reliability is to lend a helping hand to your matches when they are going through a hard time. Showing that you can be there for them is important in establishing that you can be counted on in times of need.