How To Bring Up Politics To Your Chat Line Partner

By Brad Jeffries on March 3rd, 2020 in Dating

In today’s political climate, dating is hard. People seem to occupy opposite sides of the spectrum and unfortunately, politics seem to always come into play. Here’s why it’s ok: If you are on a chat line to date, you are going to want to find someone whos morals match up with your own. Their political views are going to be a sure-fire way to find out if they are on the same page as you! Also, dating on a chat line is sort of like that show Love Is Blind because it fosters deep conversation, where the serious stuff gets brought up pretty quickly. People bring up their goals, their children, and so on. But politics and dating don’t always make the smoothest cocktail, and that’s ok! There’s a way to go about it without ruining the relationship.


Decide how much you care

Before you even want to dive into asking your chat line partner where they stand politically, you’ll want to evaluate how much you care in the first place. We mentioned before that aligning view was important for establishing a lasting connection, but this isn’t always true. There are couples that last despite their opposing views. Because this subject is so touchy, you’re going to want to figure out if it’s worth bringing up in the first place. Also, you’ll want to evaluate what you use chat lines for in the first place. If it’s for friendship or finding a steamy hookup, maybe skip the political convo! If this is the case, politics, among other things, are ok to lie about during a chat line conversation.


Bring it up soon, but not right away

If it is a dealbreaker for you, you’ll want to bring it up pretty soon into the conversation with a potential chat line dating partner, but don’t open with your views. People are on chat lines to have a good time, flirt, and relax. Opening with your political interests is not only un-sexy, but it also puts your prospective dating partner on the spot. They’ll feel like they are being quizzed, and that’s never any fun. Make sure you make some small talk before diving in.


When you do dive-in, be relaxed about it

When you finally do decide to bring it up, make sure you do it in a nonchalant way. Again, people want to have a good time when they call into a chat line. Sometimes, they want to talk about fantasies, play a sexy phone game, or get into some deep romantic conversation. If your views need to align with your partner’s for it to work and this is a dealbreaker for you, you’ll want to address this casually. You can say, “Hey, it’s kind of weird for me to bring this up, but I just want you to be aware in case this changes anything. I’m a __________ and I care that my partner is also.” Bring up your views in a way that don’t scare your potential partners off.


Be respectful of their response

Not everyone on a chat line is going to be your perfect match. And, the amazing thing about chat line dating is that you can move on with the tap of a button! Be respectful of the way your match answers and ask yourself again how much their views actually matter to you! Don’t shove your opinions down their throat. They didn’t sign up for that.


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