Questions You Can Ask to Spice Up Your Chat Line Relationship

By Brad Jeffries on October 18th, 2019 in Chat Lines

Remember way back to the start of your chat line relationship? When everything was excited and you spent hours upon hours on the phone together, talking about anything and everything? Usually, this butterfly-filled stage of a relationship is known as the honeymoon phase, and it’s so incredible that some people describe it as a high. But, like all things that go up, eventually, they come down. Now that you’ve settled into your phone dating relationship, you might think that things have slowed and are becoming dull and stale. We don’t want you to worry, because this is perfectly normal. Within a phone relationship, it’s a challenge to keep the conversation at 100% all of the time! That’s why we’ve come up with some talking points for you to use if you feel like the dating relationship has become a lull. These talking points and questions are designed to allow you to truly get to know your dating partner, to strengthen your relationship, and to give yourself some clarity as to whether or not he/she is the one. They will undoubtedly spice up your relationship, so check it out! 


Reflection questions

Taking a moment to reflect on the dating aspect of your relationship is very important to the growth of the relationship itself. It’s also a fun way to take a trip down memory lane, and see if your partner values the relationship as much as you do! Check out some examples below!

  1. What’s your favorite part about our relationship so far?
  2. Tell me your favorite thing about me and I’ll tell you my favorite thing about you. 
  3. When was the moment in the relationship when you knew you wanted to take it to the next level?


Love questions

These will help you to figure out what your partner is seeking in the long term. Asking general questions about the meaning of love will allow your partner to open up and think about you within the context of love itself! 

  1. What makes you feel the most love?
  2. What does love mean to you?
  3. Who is the person in your life that you’ve always loved the most and why?


Deep questions

The best part about moving past the honeymoon stage of the relationship is that now you can talk about things that might have felt too heavy before. The deep stuff. Asking these kinds of questions to your partner will show him/her that you truly care for him/her and love getting to know him/her as a person. Also, learning about a person’s history will provide you with a much greater understanding as to how they’ll act if you decide to start a family with your phone dating partner.

  1. Did you have a happy or sad childhood?
  2. Who did you look up to the most as a kid?
  3. Have you ever experienced a serious loss?


Trust questions

These questions act more like a quiz than they do an actual reflection. Figuring out what trust means to your partner is extremely important in any healthy relationship. Because trust is so hard to gain (and yet so easy to lose), understanding his/her trust patters will positively affect the way you demonstrate trust to your partner! 

  1. Has anyone ever broken your trust? How so?
  2. Do you find that you trust people easily or not?
  3. How do you know when you trust someone?



Hypothetical questions, even really ridiculous ones, can be a unique way to get to know someone. They are also a fantastic conversation starter. Because they feel more like an exercise or a game that a real-life situation, they are perfect for amping up the fun in the relationship. 

  1. If we got stranded on a desert island together, what movie would you bring to watch for the rest of eternity?
  2. What’s the first thing you’d do if the end of the world was in sight?
  3. If money was no object, what would you be doing? Where would you live?


Future questions

If you truly see a future with your phone dating partner (which at this point, you should), asking questions about the future will be a fun way to frame your partner’s mind with the notion that you’ll be a part of his/hers! Don’t ask these questions in a way that feels ultra-serious. You’ll get sound responses by asking them in a nonchalant or silly way. That way, you’ll be able to take a look inside your partner’s idea of the future without scaring them off. 

  1. Have you always dreamed of a big or small wedding?
  2. Do you want to have kids?
  3. Do you want to live in the city or the country?


Dirty Questions

If you have yet to have phone sex with your partner and are looking to fire things up, asking the dirty questions is a great way to take him/her by surprise and get your flirt on! Phone dating partners are usually excellent at phone sex because that’s how their relationship started in the first place! Try these leading questions to start. 

  1. What would you do to my body if I were in front of you right now?
  2. What makes you horny?
  3. What are you wearing? (A classic!)

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