How Men Can Make The ‘First Time’ Work With a Chat Line Partner

By Brad Jeffries on November 1st, 2019 in Dating

You and your girl who you’ve talked to (but haven’t met) on a chat line have decided that you are going to meet in person for that first-time-fuck. You want to make a good impression on your chat line SO, but you don’t know how. Never having seen one another, it can be pretty worrisome. What if you don’t live up to her expectations? What if the sex is lackluster? This line of thinking eventually causes your mind looks like the twister in the Wizard of Oz, picking up a new worry every second that you get closer to the time when you finally get to meet.  But, you have also been looking forward to this for quite some time and so has she. Meeting in person vs. meeting over the phone is going to be a completely new experience and you know it. Who can blame you for wanting to be able to make her fall for you even more? This is your guide on what to do to set you up for success for when you finally meet, and a guide for the first time in the bedsheets.


A man keeps a tidy home

Your house is your home and your body is your home and you don’t want either to smell rancid. Make sure to clean up all of those messes you have made in your home – you officially have someone to impress. Don’t forget to wash your bedding and then actually MAKE THE BED (even though you will just mess it up later). This shows you take pride in your home and have some sort of structure in your life and that is, believe it or not, a huge turn on. Don’t forget to shower and manscape if that’s your thing/if you really need it, (AKA you’re as hairy as a bear you find out in the wilderness). Go grab a haircut if you look in the mirror and realize it has been a while. Maybe grab an extra toothbrush on the way home so that if she stays the night she doesn’t have to worry about her morning breath and she feels comfortable. Make sure to stock your fridge and pantry with some munchies and beverages and while you’re at it, don’t forget to get some sexy foods just in case the night takes a naughty turn.


Date foreplay

Don’t expect to meet up and immediately go back to your place to play. You want her to feel comfortable and that requires you to put in a little bit of time and effort. Make a reservation at a local restaurant that is known for their romantic dinners, or go all out and cook her dinner. Keep in mind that not all women will feel comfortable heading to your place at the beginning of a first date, so if that is the case you can always cook her something and go for a beautiful picnic in the park or on the beach. Don’t forget that bottle of red you have been saving for a special occasion. Remember that although this is a first date, you guys do already know a lot about each other so no expense should be spared. You don’t want this date to be anticlimactic, especially since you have both been getting amped up for it for some time now. Take a walk to a nearby dessert spot before heading back to your place.


You made it!

You have managed to make it back to your place in one piece. You have impressed your woman every step of the way tonight and you have both found that you not only click via telephone, but you also really enjoy each others’ company. You like seeing her expressions and watching the way her head tilts back when you make her laugh. She makes you laugh and put you at ease from the moment she waved excitedly to you from across the room. So now comes time for a nightcap. You sit on the couch as music plays lightly in the background (this isn’t a club boys, we want to be able to hear what you are saying,) and you start to wind down. She gives you that look and you lean in for a kiss. You head into the bedroom which is where it is really time to seal the deal – it is time to impress her with your skills! You may be very excited, but do not jump the gun. DO. NOT. Warm her up, test the waters, dip your toe in before jumping in completely. Foreplay is one of the most important parts for a woman, and this will foreshadow what is to come. Take your time. Make her feel good. Make her feel comfortable. Make her feel wanted. Explore her body. Ask her what she likes. And then, and only then, go to pound town.

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