RedHot Dateline’s Naughty Chat Line Secrets: How To Get Her To Open Up

By Brad Jeffries on August 12th, 2021 in Chat Lines

Talking on a chat line can be intimidating enough, not to mention bringing in some sexy time with your chat line lover. Opening up requires the feeling that you are safe enough to be vulnerable with someone and really put yourself out there.

As her partner, it’s your responsibility to help create a safe space in order to explore and have some adult fun together. But how can you get her to open up? Where are you supposed to begin? Should you be forward? Should you let her take the lead? Should you be open about all of your wildest fantasies or keep them closer to your chest for the time being? The possibilities are endless.

But RedHot Dateline knows a think or two about naughty conversations. They are here to spill the details.

Plus, just the fact that you are aware enough to open up this article and give it a gander puts you light years ahead of most other men on chat lines. Good on you! Now to get to the nitty-gritty….


To Lead or Be Led

This is a tricky one; do you let her lead so that she sets the pace for your sexy time or do you take the lead so that she doesn’t feel any added pressure? It all depends on the conversations you have had in the past; does she have more of a dominant personality? Does she tend to like to be in control? If this is the case, let her lead. If you have a feeling she is a bit more reserved, then it’s your turn to take the first step.


Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Flirty and fun is always number one. Keep the chat line sex talk to a minimum at first and focus more on flirting and getting comfortable with one another in that way. Just like women need foreplay, women also need you to take your time when it comes to intimacy. Don’t push too hard or come in too strong. Women want a turtle, not a hare.


Just Ask

Just ask! How much more simple can it get? Ask her what she feels comfortable with. Have a conversation before anything too serious or hot happens. Find out what boundaries she has and RESPECT THEM.


Vanilla Before Vixen

Get your cutie to open up by going total vanilla before you go vixen so that you can gauge where she stands on everything. This way you don’t force too much upon her too quickly and have her retreat back into her shell.



Encouragement is essential in getting her to open up. The more you encourage her and become her cheerleader, the more comfortable she will feel with you. You might even want to mess up a couple of times during your sexy time on purpose just to show her you can laugh anything off.


Make It Personal

This is definitely our favorite one on the list. If you make it so that it is very clear you are talking about wanting to do things to her and her alone, she is sure to not only get turned on, but feel wanted enough to give you a little something back. Make sure you have already talked about what one another look like and use that to your advantage. Get specific and talk about how you want to pull her long red hair and touch her tan, thick legs instead of simply talking about how you want to engage in these sexual acts with someone. Make it known she is the one turning you on. Make it known that you aren’t just turned on. Make it about her and she will give her naughty self to you.