Signs That Your Chat Line Partner is Cheating on You

By Brad Jeffries on August 20th, 2019 in Dating

We get it. Nothing sucks worse than finding out your partner is cheating on your with someone else. And, while that is simply awful, not finding out is so much worse. If you met your partner on a chat line, it’s very likely that you continue to spend  much of your time on the phone with each other. It’s clearly a space in which you both feel comfortable and it may remind you of how you first met. Or, perhaps you are both very busy people. In 2019, relationships that exist almost exclusively over the phone are very common. However, it makes it that much more challenging to find out if your partner is cheating on you. They might be calling you on their way to see someone else, or they might call a lot of potential dating partners. If you’ve established an exclusive relationship with someone, you’ll want to be absolutely sure that you can totally trust that person. So, if you are experiencing a hunch of any kind, before going off the rails, try to figure out if your partner is actually cheating. On the other hand, if you are suspicious but a person who hates confrontation and therefore is actively ignoring your instincts, make sure to do your homework. The longer you stay in an unfaithful relationship, the more hurtful the heartbreak is once you find out the hard way. Because it’s so difficult to tell what a person is up to when you are dating over the phone, we’ve come up with some tell-tale signs that you are being cheated on. Take a look! 

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Exclusively calls you by a pet name

Have you heard that song by Destiny’s Child, Say My Name? Not only is it one of the greatest songs of our generation, but it also projects a pretty poignant message. If you happen to live under a rock and have never heard the song, you should know that the song is about a cheating lover who never calls the singer by her name. Why is this important? When you are speaking to you chat line partner and he/she never uses your name, it is an indication that he/she can’t remember the name. A safe way for a cheating person to keep everyone’s names straight is by using pet names. 


Doesn’t answer the phone for a long period of time

When it comes to chat line relationships, one thing is very important: the phone. If your relationship depends on phone calls, you should expect your partner to be by the phone pretty often. It’s obviously ok if your partner isn’t by the phone all of the time. He/She might need a bit of a break from technology or may want to shut it off when he/she goes to the gym. A few hours here and there isn’t anything to worry about. However, when he/she doesn’t answer the phone for more than 12 hours, you might want to pay close attention to his/her behavior once he/she finally does get in touch with you. Not speaking with you for an entire day is indicative that your partner is spending time with another significant other and does not want to talk to you in front of that person. If your partner doesn’t tell you that he/she will be off the phone for a day, it’s a big problem. Also significant is if he/she frequently tells you that he/she won’t be by a phone. 


Hangs up on you

If your partner frequently hangs up on you, it could be because he/she is frequently with another partner. Perhaps he/she tries to get in the routine phone call with you but is interrupted by someone who he doesn’t want to know that you exist. There may be a reason for someone to hang up on you once or twice, but if it happens often, there is definitely something going on! If this is something that hits close to home, let your partner know that you don’t appreciate being hung up on and see how he/she responds. If even after you say something, it continues, you are likely in trouble. 


Has a short fuse

Of course there are million reasons why someone could have a short temper. Your partner could be stressed out from work or having a bad day. Moodiness is common and very ok in relationships when dealt with in a healthy way. However, if this moodiness is something that is a new element of your relationship and it doesn’t seem to be ending or resolving, you should do some digging. Shortness or prickliness from another person for seemingly no reason is indicative that something is going on. When that behavior is directed towards you and you aren’t causing it, it either means that your partner is using you as a punching bag, or the problem does have to do with you and you simply don’t know about it. The most logical explanation is that your partner is seeking an end to the relationship. Even if he/she isn’t cheating, this is a problem that should be dealt with sooner rather than later.