What Kind of Individual Should Start Dating Over the Phone?

By Brad Jeffries on October 22nd, 2019 in Chat LinesDating

You may be wondering if you are the type of person who should be using a chat line to date local singles. Our society tends to be so obsessed with looks nowadays, but let’s put that aside for a moment shall we? According to our research, there are three different types of people who should really invest some of their time into chatline dating. So sit back, relax and open your mind to the possibility of being one of these people! You might have more fun than you think. Heck, ya might even meet that special someone who you have been holding out for through all of the horrible online dating disasters. Chances are, you fit into one or more of these categories, so let’s have fun and try something a little bit new and a little bit old!


The Shy One

Now, let’s be very clear, being shy is not a bad thing! Embrace it and find a way of dating that works for you. Why, might you ask, wouldn’t I just go online and use my keyboard to meet my future someone? Often, the shy people are the people who most need to connect to other human beings but tend to lack that connection, and you’re not going to get a connection sitting behind a keyboard! By using a chatline, you get that instant connection; you get to hear that person’s voice, listen to their inflections and understand them in a way that is impossible via any and all apps that rely on messaging back and forth. You get that instant connection minus all of the pressure because after all, they can’t see you. You have the chance to be the you that you always wanted to be and knew that you had in you. So really, you have the opportunity to find yourself while finding your other half.


Undefinable by classic beauty standards

Not all of us have millions of dollars to make sure that we look like perfect robots like a lot of models, social media influencers and big stars do. Some of us only have what we are born with and the occasional (and when I say occasional, I mean annual) trip to the gym to work with; Botox doesn’t keep us young, the two days a week we get off to lounge around at the beach and add to our laugh lines does. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you aren’t beautiful, perfect and fierce just the way that you are because you SO are, and if you don’t know well now you know. Not all of us feel like spending our time editing our profile pictures so that people can window shop for us. Some of us just want to be ourselves and know that that is enough. Some of us care about what is on the inside far more than what is on the outside. Some of us know what it means to fall in love with ourselves and we are evolved enough to know that that has nothing to do with physical appearance. Our body shapes and cellulite, or lack thereof, don’t have anything to do with our true fulfillment and happiness, so why should we begin a relationship based off of someone’s (most likely fake) profile picture? A picture might say a thousand words but a social media post does not, unless those words happen to be, “You have no clue who I am,” times one thousand. If you want to be judged and loved for being you, and you want to give others the same chance, then chatline dating just might be your new bff.


The Vintage Lover

Let’s try something new, fresh and yet old at the same time. We all have friends who are stuck in the ’80s or the friends who still have a landline that you trip on the chord of every time you go over to their house. Those old school folks don’t appreciate the way online dating has been set up. However, in this day and age it is truly hard to just bump into someone on the street, in a bar or in an elevator and have that rom-com moment every little girl dreams of. Why is this? Because the majority of people are buried in their phones! If you want to avoid carpel tunnel, why not transfer your little gadget from your typing fingers to your moving mouth? Let’s learn to connect again. That’s what the vintage lover is all about – going back to a simpler time. You want to go back to a time with fewer distractions and, very similar to the shy one, more connection. We just want our connection to be meaningful. Pick up that phone and chatline the day away!


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