10 Signs Your Chat Line Relationship Is Over

By Brad Jeffries on October 6th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you have wasted time in a dead-end chat line relationship. All that time spent agonizing over whether or not it was actually over and sitting in a constant state of anxiety. People in healthy relationships aren’t at the edge of their seats at all times. But relationships can go through rough patches, making it difficult to spot the difference between a normal rough patch and the real end of a relationship. There are signs that you can look for which will help you determine whether it’s a phase or if the relationship is actually over.

Keep in mind that the end of a relationship isn’t bad. It might feel crummy for a moment, but it means you won’t be wasting any more of your precious time on something that just isn’t ever going to work. You never know what relationships or chat line fling you’re missing out on by being tied down in the wrong relationship. What if Mr. or Ms. Right is waiting on the sidelines, but never gets to play because your head is in the wrong game? If you relate to a handful (or more) of these 10 signs, you might want to reevaluate your relationship.


1. Your conversations aren’t going anywhere

Remember when you first fell in love, and the chat line conversations seemed to last through the night? Suddenly you’d glance at the clock and realize you had been talking for hours. That momentum is usually due to a honeymoon phase of sorts and isn’t going to last through the entire relationship. But if that energy has dwindled down to near zero, that is a problem.


2. You don’t share exciting news

When something epic happens, like a promotion, the birth of a niece, or discovering a great new restaurant, the first person you want to call is likely your partner. They are at least in the top three, after your mom and your best friend. If you find yourself not wanting to share good news with your partner, it’s a sign that the magic is lost. You either don’t care or fear that they won’t be excited for you.


3. You’re blaming yourself

We have a tendency to look inwards when there’s a problem in the relationship. But being a couple requires the participation of both parties. Whatever is going on right now isn’t your fault, or at least 100% your fault. Beginning to blame yourself is a clear indication that things are no longer going smoothly.


4. Small things get on your nerves

People aren’t perfect, but we love them in spite of their flaws. Remember when you first met your significant other on the chat line? Maybe the way he spoke was a little annoying, or he was very nervous on the phone. Those little flaws were probably endearing to you at the time. These days, they might be more annoying to you than before because you are no longer in love.


5. There’s no intimacy

Identifying and creating intimacy on a phone chat line is challenging because you aren’t there to touch in person. People who are attracted to each other know how to find a way to make it sexy on the phone. A sign that romance has died a bit is when the intimacy is removed from the chats.


6. The calls are getting shorter and shorter

Phone calls are how chat line partners spend time together. The phone is literally the glue to your relationship. If that glue has dried out or evaporated, the phone becomes less important to you. When the chats get shorter (and the foundation fractures), it usually means there are issues in the relationship.


7. You’re avoiding the phone altogether

Avoiding the phone is synonymous with avoiding the relationship. It was built on the phone and lives on the phone. When you are trying to get off the phone, even if it has nothing to do with calling your partner, it’s a subliminal way for you to put the relationship somewhere else.


8. You’re depressed outside of the relationship

A flawed relationship is going to trickle into everyday life and there’s no real way to stop that. You might realize that your eating or sleeping habits have changed, that you aren’t getting the most out of life, or that you don’t enjoy things you used to love. These are all signs that something else is wrong. It could be that the relationship is stealing your energy away!


9. You don’t feel heard

Do you repeat yourself to your partner over and over again? Is the connection shotty (and we don’t just mean the phone connection)? Your partner might not be really listening to you because the interest is not supporting the conversation anymore.


10. You feel it in your bones

What is your gut telling you? If you are reading this article, you might already know that something isn’t right in the relationship. Listen to your instincts because they are usually right!


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