Are You Ready To Settle Down?

By Brad Jeffries on September 15th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

Many daters in the phone dating community claim that they are calling for love. They are dying to meet ‘the one,’ settle down, and have a family. However, as all chat line users know, phone dating can be a little addictive. There’s a very easy way to play the field, talk to tons of folks at once, and establish many connections. When you can call several lines at any hour of the day, meet handfuls of people, and flirt the hours away, it’s hard to want to put an end to any of that for one particular person. If you fancy yourself a social butterfly, you might be missing out on the other kinds of butterflies… the ones that tell you that you are in love!

Playing the field is absolutely your right as a chat line caller. Want to flirt around, use your pick up lines, and meet lots of people? Go for it! But, if you came into the phone dating space because you were looking for something really special, you might be completely missing your chance. You might feel as if there is a void you are always trying to fill, but you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is. We think it might be that romantic connection.

But, how do you know if you are even ready to settle down? It’s not all that easy to tell. Even those in established relationships don’t feel totally ready to throw in the towel with dating. This breeds infidelity and cheating, which isn’t good either! Finding yourself caught in the middle of ready and not ready is a real challenge. To help you give yourself a break and choose the path that suits you the most, we’ve come up with ways you can tell that you are ready to settle down!


You are the right age

Let’s get one thing straight: We know that there isn’t technically a ‘right age’ to settle down. For some people, it can happen as early as teen years. For others, it occurs much later in life. What this is really saying is that you are at your personal ‘right age’ to settle down. It’s about embracing maturity, and do you feel ready to do that? Back in the days before phone dating even existed, this time came earlier for a lot of people. It might happen in their early 20s. Today, the world is a little different. People are waiting longer, living longer, and coming up with ways to biologically be able to start families at older ages. It seems like the age in which most are ready to settle down happens around your early to mid-30s. What you are really trying to figure out is if you have reached a maturity level which would allow you to settle down!


You are self-fulfilled

Imagining that falling in love is finding your “other half” is a mistake. You don’t want someone else to complete you, you want to be completely yourself. Your soulmate is going to add to and enhance your life, but not create it for you. The best relationships are for two people who can fully understand this concept. If you feel secure in yourself, confident in the dating world, and happy even being alone sometimes, it might mean you are ready for a real-deal relationship. It sounds crazy, but this is a big indicator that you are actually ready. An easy way to tell is your frequency and time that you choose to spend on chat lines. Are you calling all day and night, needing those chats with strangers at all hours? If so, it might mean that you exhibit some codependent traits or aren’t totally ready to settle into a more mature relationship.


Your finances are in order

You certainly don’t have to be rich to fall in love with someone; however, being financially secure is an indicator that you might be ready to help care for someone else. We did just get through letting you know that independent people are best in a relationship together, but finances can tend to be a little bit different. When you enter into a real relationship that goes beyond the phone (to in-person meetups, dates, and eventually living together), finances can get tangled and even strained. Are you prepared for that? At the very least, it costs money to take someone out on dates. If you feel really financially unstable, you might want to wait until you find a bit of stability so that you can do the in-person dating stuff the right way when you are finally ready to meet your phone date in the flesh!


You know you want a match, not an idol

Immature chat line daters often have a lengthy checklist of things they are looking for in other people. That person has to be funny, smart, interesting, rich, attractive, and so on. Sometimes, their expectations exceed the expectations they have for themselves even, hoping to find this perfect ideal person to enhance their own lives. That’s not what a relationship is about. It’s about being in sync, speaking the same language, and understanding one another. The attraction is part of it, a huge part actually. But that attraction should be based on the connection. If you don’t find yourself putting your chat line matches through an extensive checklist of unobtainable things, you might be ready for the real deal!


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