Chat Line Dating Styles Based on Zodiac Signs

By Brad Jeffries on September 18th, 2019 in Chat LinesDating

If you’re like the rest of us, you can’t help but believe in Astrology. Don’t lie! You know you’ve read the predictions or personality traits and thought, Ok, that really sounds like me. Look, we don’t blame you! Sometimes astrological predictions make so much sense that it’s impossible to deny. Predictions can be about anything, ranging from business to illness. There are a ton of astrology predictions that revolve around dating and love, and sometimes it can be very helpful. However, there really aren’t any helpful astrological articles that help out with phone dating. Now that we’ve lived in the digital age for some time, we thought that we should change that! Understanding people over the phone is quite tricky because there aren’t any visual cues to go off of! We’ve done some digging and have spoken with experts to figure out how the signs would date and act over the phone. Check out your own sign or ask your phone date his/her birthday to find out their signs! It might just help you with your own flirting game, or it might give you some insight into how your chat line crush’s behaviors! 

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As an Aries, you are a very passionate person. When it comes to phone dating, you can be pretty sensual and flirtatious. However, sometimes that passion gets the best of you and brings out your ever-present competitive side. Try to steer clear of one-upping your date, as he/she might get very intimidated. You love some good witty banter, and because of your hilarious sarcasm, you’re sure to impress whoever you are speaking with! 



For the most part, you are practical and sensitive. As a Taurus, you like to take your time when you are dating so that you can find ‘the one.’ Your sensitive nature might be too much for some, but keep at it because there is a person out there who is going to be receptive to your love for long phone conversations! Additionally, try to give people a chance even if the don’t strike you as interesting immediately. Not everyone is able to be as vulnerable as you are right off the bat. 



You’re the twin, so commitment really isn’t your thing. You like to play the field and have a ton of options, which we are totally behind! You don’t like to linger on the phone because you have so many things on your mind, so you often cut your conversations short. You might want to multitask while you are phone dating as it’ll help you stay interested! Perhaps call a chatline while you are cooking! Because you enjoy keeping things casual, you might want to inform your phone dates that you aren’t looking for anything serious so that you are sure to not hurt anyone! 



As a Cancer,  you have a little bit of trouble making the first moves. So, on the phone, you tend to be a little bit quiet. You should keep in mind that your chatline matches aren’t mind readers, so you might need to go outside of your comfort zone and participate more in your conversations. Give your match a chance to see how amazing you truly are! 



Being a Leo is a very powerful thing! Leo’s are passionate, flirty, and vibrant. So, on the phone you are likely to be very chatty. You love to be adored. Sometimes, you yearn to be adored so much so that you brag or act somewhat aggressively. Keeping calm over the phone will help your matches realize your passion without you flaunting it and they’ll come to appreciate it more! 



Virgos are usually the people that friends go to for advice. Because you are so caring, you tend to attract people who need fixing. Conversely, you may find yourself drawn to someone because you want to fix them. It’s wonderful that you constantly are trying to make things the best that they can be, but it might come across as judgemental. While you certainly offer sound advice, wait for your match to ask you questions before you begin to tell them how to make their lives better. They’ll appreciate it more if it comes from them! 



As a Libra, you’re uber-romantic and spend a lot of time fantasizing about how the love of your life will find you. Perhaps you’re using a chatline because you are looking for a digital fairytale. And, hey, you might just get it! But, in order to find it, you’re going to need to not romanticize every little thing your match says. Keep your excitement to yourself for a little bit to allow some mystery into your phone flirting game. Don’t worry, if you relax a bit you’ll be sure to find someone who wants to send you cute messages throughout the day and surprise you in romantic ways!



Scorpios tend to be a bit insecure when it comes to dating. When talking on a chatline, you tend to wait for the match to make the first move because you are careful when it comes to trusting people. While you’re guarded at first, your heart is ever-flowing, amazing, and open once you allow yourself to shine to another person. You might need to push yourself to be a bit more open because it’s challenging for everyone, including your match, to flirt over the phone. Try to steer clear of playing mind games or testing your partner as it won’t benefit you with phone flirting! 



As a Saggitarius, you are definitely the most bubbly and flirty when using a chatline. You’ll immediately attract matches because of your vivacious attitude. You’ll find that you thrive when phone-flirting because you make everything out to be a fun game. While we don’t want to halt you from being your bubbly self, we do caution you to take this seriously if you plan on finding a deep and meaningful relationship! 



Stubborn and smart, a Capricorn is someone who is a challenge from the start. Your no-BS attitude is great for when you are actually in a relationship as it’ll help you maintain boundaries; however, it doesn’t translate too well over the phone. Ease up on your matches a little bit and give them a chance to impress you. Someone will measure up to your standards and challenge you in ways you never even knew you could be challenged! 



Over the phone, an Aquarius can be very surprising. As an oddball of the zodiac signs, you definitely know how to hold a unique conversation. Your talent in getting someone to open up to you over the phone is going to serve you well over the phone; however, you have the hardest time making decisions or letting people know the real you. In fact, you can be a little too weird for people at times! While you are in no rush to settle down, your expert emotional skills are going to draw people to you. One of those matches might just be the one!