Common Chat Line Dating Dealbreakers For Women

By Brad Jeffries on November 25th, 2020 in Chat Lines

When you think about the kind of person you want to end up with, you likely put together a list of things you seek in your head. From kindness to attractiveness, there are items that are non-negotiable. While we’d like to believe that we are open-minded and would embrace people as they come, there are definitely some qualities that we aren’t willing to part with when it comes to a partner. Some are shallow and some are deep. It’s just basic human nature.

In that same line of thinking, there are also qualities and elements of a person that we just won’t stand for. Women seem to be more particular than men when considering dealbreakers. They’ve got their list of things that will immediately cut you from their list of potential suitors.

There are a handful of dealbreakers that most women agree on. These are extremely common. Knowing these dealbreakers for ladies will help men in their chat line game. Often, men don’t even realize that they are projecting something on a chat line date that might actually be considered a dealbreaker for a woman. There have definitely been great potential relationships that have been squandered by misunderstandings that lead women to believe that their male chat line matches don’t fit their ideal bill.

Knowing what turns a woman away will help you better your chances of keeping them around. Perfect your chat line game by knowing what common dealbreakers women almost always consider, and try to keep them in mind as you continue to use phone dating platforms.


Someone who doesn’t listen

Women want to know that they will be heard and understood by a long term partner. Being listened to is a giant component of a successful relationship in the mind of a woman. Show her that you are a good listener.

Listening is also one of the most important things you can do on a chat line date. However, showing that you are actually listening is challenging to do. There’s a trick out there known as active listening. It’s not so much a trick as it is a practice. It means that you demonstrate your listening skills by asking relevant questions after your chat line date has been speaking.

Show her that you actually care about the things she has to say. You can also demonstrate that you enjoy listening to her by asking her deep questions about her life, her work, and her family. Show that you want to be a part of what she has to say.


Wanting or not wanting marriage and children

Some women want children while others don’t. Whichever way they already sway is likely how they’ll stay, no matter how great you are. Don’t expect to change a woman’s mind about this if your goals are headed in the opposite direction of hers.

The best advice for this dealbreaker is to stay true to yourself. Don’t act like you want the same future as your chat line date just to keep her on the phone. It won’t do you any good if your goals are actually different. There are tons of like-minded singles who are waiting to hear from you, so don’t waste your breath on someone who doesn’t already share your hopes and dreams, whatever they may be.

If you find that there’s a woman in the chat line universe who shares your goals, it can’t hurt to let her know that you are on the same page as her. Don’t be obvious about it or randomly dive into the topic of children too soon. However, it doesn’t hurt to subtly show her that your goals are the same.



Trying to meet someone who doesn’t want a committed relationship? You are better off trying a party line, where the singles are in the market for dirty phone chat rather than a serious relationship. But if you are seeking someone who wants a future with you, then you’ll want to show that you aren’t someone who avoids commitment. Someone who is commitment-adverse reads to a woman as someone who is unstable, potentially a player, or someone who can’t provide what she is looking for.

There are both things you should do and things you shouldn’t to demonstrate that you are available for a committed relationship. The most obvious would be to wait on the topic of intimacy. If you bring up intimacy or attempt to have an erotic chat too early in the phone chat relationship, you will demonstrate that you are searching for a fling. Again, it’s not a problem if that’s what you are into. However, you won’t attract a soulmate. Wait a bit before moving towards more sexual subjects. Another topic to avoid is ex relationships. Don’t focus on the past or remind a woman that you move in and out of relationships.

Showing that you are someone interested in commitment is as easy as just saying that you are looking for something serious. You can also make plans for the next time you and your chat line date will talk or even meet for a date. Discussing the future is another way to show that you are a person who can commit.


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