Dreaming About A Chat Line Ex: What Does It Mean?

By Brad Jeffries on April 22nd, 2020 in Chat Lines

Last night was like any other. You came home, cooked some dinner, brushed your teeth, and slipped under the covers. Eventually, you went to sleep last night all in your own head, and you started to dream a little dream. Maybe you could hear the unmistakable sound of your chatline ex’s voice. You know, the voice that used to cheer you up every time you call into your favorite chat line? The voice of the person who you maybe even met in-person, fell in love with, and abandoned all other phone dates for… for a little while. The one who gave you the butterflies, who you told your secrets to, and who you adored with every ounce of your being. And then, for some reason, it didn’t work out with the guy or gal you fell in love with on a chat line service. You two broke up, either amicably or not. And now, out of seemingly nowhere, your chat line ex has popped back into your life…or at least, your subconscious. And now, you want to know why. Does it mean that you’re still in love with your ex or that you miss your ex? WTF is going on?

There’s a lot of speculation as to what dreams signify in the first place. Some experts think that dreams are always because of residual thoughts from the day. These things during the day have bled into your dreams and it’s as simple as that. However, tons of other people disagree. Some believe there’s a higher power involved. These people tend to think that if you dreamed about your ex chat line lover, that your ex also dreamed about you. And then there are the people who study dreams and the symbolism within dreams and attribute them to things happening in your subconscious. At Chatline Connect, we think it could be a combination of all three but lean heavily towards this last group. Dreams take your day-to-day feelings and match the things both above and below the surface with symbols in your dreams. And, as you can guess, those symbols can take shape in the form of an ex.

But, every individual is unique, as is every relationship story or breakup. Not to mention, the nature of the dream is going to be totally different from person to person! That’s why we can only guess based on some common ex dream scenarios that have been analyzed in the past. We’ve listed those chat line ex dream scenarios and what we think they mean, hopefully, this can provide you some much-needed clarity and guidance. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you’re catching feelings all over again!


Dreaming about arguing with an ex

Arguing with anyone in a dream means that you are facing an inner-conflict. This is especially true if you are not speaking with that person anymore, like your chat line ex. What are the negative feelings you have towards your former phone honey and how do those feelings relate to your life today? For example, maybe your ex was someone who was pretty bad at communication and now you are facing a situation in which you are having trouble communicating (this could be your boss at work, your children, your friends), your brain might just be falling in a patter in which you felt those feelings before.


You were having sex with your chat line ex

A dream about having sex with an ex can absolutely signify that you want to sleep with your ex again, but it can also mean that you want to be near your ex in a way that isn’t necessarily sexual or physical. Sex in dreams is related to familiarity, vulnerability, and closeness. There’s a chance that it’s not even the ex that you want to have around you in those ways. Think about the traits that your ex has. Is your ex a person you admire? Perhaps you simply wish that you had the traits of your ex. Or, is your former chat line lover toxic? Perhaps the dream is telling you that you’ve been metaphorically sleeping with the enemy in your own life or falling into toxic patterns that have hurt you in the past. If you are in a new relationship and dream about sleeping with an ex, it can also show you that you are repeating your old mistakes with your new boo. There’s also the added element that this is someone who you met phone dating, where sex was something that was desired and harder to get to than it would be dating normally. Maybe you are calling chat lines again and reminded of a situation you’ve already been through!


You got back together with the ex

This one is interesting because it’s the scenario we think relates closest to your actual ex. This could mean one of two things. Perhaps you really do want to get back together with your ex and your subconscious is letting you know that; however, it could also just mean that you are seeking a relationship that followed the pattern that your relationship with your chat line ex followed! You might just miss having someone to talk on the phone with or that you miss the feeling of falling in love! But, if something inside of you is telling you that you want to get back together with a chat line ex, then maybe that truly is the case. If you haven’t fully processed the breakup and have been visiting chat lines to get over your ex before you’ve fully gotten over them, you might need to face the music a little bit more to fully be over it.


A very subtle ex cameo

If your ex just makes a cameo in your dream to the point where you can’t even remember if there was a conversation or any sort of feeling at all, it’s more than likely that the appearance was totally insignificant. Perhaps earlier in the day you saw something that reminded you of your ex’s existence or heard a song that the two of you used to listen to. If you met on a chat line and are phone dating again, the simple idea of phone dating may have triggered a memory. Regardless of what it was, your ex’s cameo was likely residual information from the day snaking its way into your dream for nothing more than the fact that you were reminded that your ex is a human being who exists!


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