How To Make It Seem Like You’re Listening More Than You Are

By Brad Jeffries on January 23rd, 2020 in Uncategorized

Chat Bine dating can be fun – you are forging relationships and have the ability to really get to know somebody prior to meeting them face-to-face. It is easy to be yourself in this scenario and the times when you chat are flexible seeing as you don’t have to get into your car, take into account traffic etc. and drive to a destination. You simply pick up the phone and BAM, you two are communicating and the sparks are a-flyin’. However, sometimes even with this advantage, your schedules don’t exactly mesh, or she calls you when you are in the middle of playing a very important fantasy football game. It’s not always easy to be an active listener. You don’t want to kick her off of the phone but you also don’t want to stop what you are doing. We have a few tried and true ways to make it seem like you are listening more than you actually are. And hey, some of these could also work in your everyday life, so listen up!


Repetition and Enthusiasm 

Let your mouth do the talking while your brain takes a nice vacation. Were you ever in a classroom, completely zoned out but when you looked down at your notepad you had written down what the teacher had up on the board? Our brains are mysterious creatures, so let yours work to your advantage. Stay lucid enough so that you are still processing some of what she is saying and then just repeat it. Listening, or at least pretending, is really important to any relationship. Make sure to add an “oh my god”, or something to that effect, to the beginning of your sentence every once in a while and end it with an exclamation point. It seriously is THAT easy.



If you ever hear her laugh, just snicker a little bit as well. That way she will not only think that you were listening to what she was saying, but she will also feel appreciated and like you understand that what she said WAS FUNNY! Fake laughing is something that everyone should probably practice anyway – it really comes in handy in social settings. You don’t want to end up with Chandler or Monica’s work laugh, that’s for sure.


Make Noises

When she is talking, if you randomly interject with an “mhm” and a “yea”, or an “exactly” every once in a while she will think you are listening. These small nondescript words will make her feel heard and will be the difference between you getting caught and you getting another chatline date.


Ask Questions

No, we do not mean ask questions about what they were talking about because, well, you probably have no clue what they were talking about! However, even if you aren’t paying too close attention to what your chatline date is saying, your brain will still pick up on some stuff. When this happens, or when you decide to listen for a sentence or two, all you have to do is add a “so” in front of what she just said and then repeat it back, making sure to add the necessary inflections so that is sounds like a question. Most likely, she will answer with a “yes” or “exactly” and then keep on talking! If you need some ideas about great questions, there area always awesome date questions that are all over the world wide web. Keep some of those on tap!


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