Steps To Take Right Before Meeting Your Chat Line Date For the First Time

By Brad Jeffries on December 6th, 2021 in Chat Lines

Now that you know how to cess out whether or not you should really be meeting up with your boo, it’s time to start thinking about the steps to take in case you have, in fact, decided to meet up in person instead of keeping your relationship solely via chat line. Thank you chat line, you’ve done your job and now it’s time to take this chat line relationship to the next level! Now is not the time to become lax with your safety precautions. You may know a lot about your S.O. by now, but the truth is we don’t really know anybody until many years into our relationship, and even then, you never really know…..not to sound morbid. We promise we believe in love! And we believe that a chat line is a valid way to find it. We just want you to be careful and stay safe out there, that’s all. So here are a couple of ways we have found provide us with the best sense of safety when meeting up with our chat line babes for the first time:


Always Send a Photo

Always send a photo of the guy or gal you are meeting up with to a close friend. Don’t be shy about the fact that you did this. Be vocal. Let them know that someone close to you knows what they look like. If you happen to be getting into their car, take a picture of the license plate before getting in and send it to a trusted one. Once again, make sure he knows you did this prior to stepping foot into that vehicle. (We do not condone getting into a vehicle with a stranger, but if you are going to do it anyway, you might as well be as safe as possible about it.)


Meet In A Public Space

Always meet in public. At least initially. We aren’t saying that if things aren’t going well, you can’t switch to a more…..private location. But, if you do,


Drop A Pin

Drop a pin to a friend when you get to any new destination with your chat line pal. Once again, be vocal about doing so. If you feel uncomfortable, pick up your phone and say something along the lines of, “Sorry give me one second, I am just dropping my location to my friend. It’s a thing we always do to check up on one another. J” If he/she acts weird about it, then that is an issue and you should get out of there anyway.


A Form Of Self Defense

No, we are not advocating for you to go out and get a concealed weapon permit, but it never hurts to have a loud alarm on your keychain you could press the button of if you find yourself in a precarious situation. Some pepper spray or a taser, (which will hurt but is not lethal, (when used correctly,)) in states where those ítems are legal are also great alternatives.

Stay safe out there. Stay vigilant. And don’t be so on edge that you end up not having fun and enjoying the company you are keeping.