Things She Wants to Say but Won’t

By Brad Jeffries on September 26th, 2019 in Chat Lines

Men, when it comes to chat line dating, there are a lot of opportunities for people to hide what they are actually thinking. Women, who are emotional ninjas, have enough foresight to hold back some of the things they wish they could say. Why are they holding back? For one, some of their thoughts are simply straight-up rude (we all have these thoughts because we are human) and she doesn’t want to hurt you. Another reason is that she understands the male psyche to know that you won’t interpret her the right way. Men are all about the here and now, and when dating online or using a chat line to date, they are so caught up in the moment that they fail to read between the lines. If you are happy in this blissful ignorance, you might want to stop reading right now. What we are about to reveal to you is the hard truth. The things women wish they could ask or say, and why they wish to ask or say them. Fair warning: this might hurt. 


“Ok, how tall are you really?”

A woman likes her men tall, or at least thinks she does. She’ll never straight up ask you how tall you are (unless she’s a total savage), but she’ll want to know before she meets you. If you are tall, find a way to slip that into the conversation. If you aren’t, don’t mention it. It’s never a deal-breaker for any women who are of average height. It’s normally just a fantasy. 


“I’m attracted to you because you remind me of my ex”

Most women have yet to be fully on board with the whole dating app/chat line thing. But, many girlfriends who have recently been dumped try out these things because they are looking for a replacement. If you remind them of an ex, you’ll have your foot in the door. But, you should know that her infatuation won’t last long. If that ex hits her up, forget it. 


“Please don’t be stupid”

Seriously, why are so many guys so dumb? Or, at least most of you come across that way. In our hearts, we know it’s often because men and women communicate in very different ways. But so often, we’re praying you’re not as dumb as you sound. 


“If you’re stupid, please be good in bed”

In other words, she’s really horny and looking for a reason to endure your feeble mind.


“Really? A DJ?” 

Women generally roll their eyes at this profession, although sometimes it’s totally legit. But, you should know that the first thing that comes to a woman’s mind is either fake job or drug-addicted trust fund baby. Sometimes, that’s a fun adventure. But, she doesn’t expect the fun to last long.


“I was crying before I called”

When women are sad, they sometimes seek companionship. What follows is the occasional prowling the internet or chat lines for a pick-me-up.


“I’ll send you my picture, but it’s definitely photoshopped”

Every girl photoshops their pictures because of society’s unreasonable expectations of a woman’s appearance. 


“My best friend has found all of your social media profiles”

Women are super-spies when it comes to finding your information. If you let your last name slip or mention a previous sports league you were on, you can be sure that a woman and her team of spies have found you on every single social media. 


“I’m not really single”

Flirting via phone is a really easy way to get the validation that my current boyfriend isn’t giving me. This likely isn’t going to go anywhere. 


“You’re paying for dinner, right?”

Sometimes, women are looking for a really nice meal. You’ll know right away if she suggests meeting up for a date at a fancy restaurant. When she’s never met you in person, it’s hard to come to the conclusion that she’s super into you. The fancy dinner is likely about the food and not about you.


“I’m looking at my naked ass in the mirror while I’m talking to you”

A woman, unless unapologetically flirty (which we love), will never tell you that she’s walking around her house naked. Don’t get too excited, she’s probably doing so with a facemask on and some slippers, but she’s likely naked if she’s home alone nonetheless. 


“You definitely don’t make six figures”

A woman will make an assumption, based on the way you speak, as to how much money you make. She’s hoping it’s at least six figures. 


“I’m drunk and called in just to see what it’s like”

Sometimes it takes a bit of liquid courage to call into a chat line for a woman. If she’s super giggly and slurring her words, she’s probably wasted! 


“No. I never want a dick pic”

How many times does this need to be explained to you people? Men are visual creatures and let’s face it, women are beautiful. Conversely, women never ever ever ever ever ever want a dick pic. Ever.


“My friends would totally hate you”

A woman can determine within minutes of talking to you if she’d be embarrassed to introduce you to her friends. She’ll either find a way out of the conversation or meet you for a nice fuck. However, if you fall into this category for her, you’ll get beyond the quick romp. 


“I can see right through your whole ‘macho’ thing”

Women are very entertained when dudes try too hard to impress them by acting overly macho. You should know that it’s very attractive and she’s totally making fun of you in her head. She may sound interested, but she’s laughing inside. 


“That joke wasn’t funny”

Women know that a gentle stroke to the ego goes a very long way when speaking with a man. That laugh you just heard was likely forced.


“Are you actually single?”

You’re not and she knows it.


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