10 Ways to Make Him Fall For You

By Brad Jeffries on March 17th, 2020 in Chat LinesDating

In opposition to what the media describes as the makeup of a man, most men want to be taken care of, treated well, and coddled by a woman. Sometimes, guys are just like big babies subscribing to their inner Oedipus, looking for a mother. Now, we’re not suggesting that you do anything creepy or freaky for your man, but keeping in mind that men are attracted to women who will make them feel loved and cared for, there are definite things you can do when trying to make your chat line man fall for you!


Take care of him

Everyone, to a certain degree, wants to be taken care of by a lover. So, do the best you can at making him feel cared for while you are phone dating. If this means letting him express himself, asking about his day at work, or complimenting him for an achievement, go for it!!


Be an active listener

Active Listening. This is important for chat line dating in general. Nobody wants to sit and have a phone call with someone and feel like that someone is distracted. Being an active listener means listening (duh), responding with follow up questions, and offering advice when it makes sense.


Let him get emotional

When guys are with their boys, they often refrain from getting emotional. But, men are humans like we are. They have emotions. Allow your chat line talks to be a safe space for your man to get emotional about the things he cares about by expressing that its ok for him to feel his feelings!


Share some of your secrets

Sharing secrets is one of the best ways to grow a relationship. What makes a relationship grow from a casual friendship is intimacy. In an emotional sense, secrets are a huge form of intimacy. Again, show him that you are a safe person to divulge his innermost thoughts to.


Let him get protective

Most men have an innate desire to be the protector. So, if your man gets protective, know that it’s a good sign. And, more than that, let him be protective! Don’t get defensive or say that you don’t need his advice or help with something when you could probably use it! Let him feel valuable to you.


Make him feel one-of-a-kind

Steer clear of talking about any other relationships (including past relationships) with your chat line man. Allow him to feel like the is the only guy in your life (like he can protect you), even if you are playing the field at the moment (which is totally your right! enjoy that!). Just make him feel special.


Be slightly unavailable

Ok this totally goes against most of the stuff we’ve been saying in this list, but being a tad unavailable at times can be a good time. Not all the time, just sometimes! For example, if you aren’t in a place where you can take his phone call, let him know. Men are attracted to women who can be independent and aren’t waiting by the phone.


Laugh at his jokes

Laughter is often the way to love. If your guy is a funny one, make sure the laughter is audible. It sounds pretty silly, but chat line dating requires these kinds of cues of attraction to be amplified so that the other person can feel it through the phone! So laugh away.


Make him laugh

Also, make him laugh! Humor is the way to the heart (are you tired of these yet?). But seriously, turn on the charm when you are speaking to him, and don’t be afraid to be your silly self in front of him. Making a guy laugh is one of the most important things you can do when trying to make him fall for you.


Keep yourself on his mind… sexually

Without being over-the-top, give your chat line guy some sexual images of you. You don’t need to go full-blown erotic chat on him (unless the mood calls for it), but you can slip things into his head. The classic, “I just got out of the shower” line is still viable ladies!


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